Student Covers International Innovation Event

Ross Blogging From Australia

By: Rosa Jimenez

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is a global competition in its 10th year.

Business student Rory Ross is attending Microsoft’s “Imagine Cup” as the sole student blogger covering the international event. Ross is an official member of the press attending the July 6-10 competition in Sydney, Australia.

“The Imagine Cup brings students together from all over the world to use their imagination and passion to create innovation in all walks of life,” says Ross. “The event gives students a chance to solve tough problems facing the world today, and maybe even turn their ideas into a business,” he says. More than 350 students from 75 countries are competing for cash, grants, and other prizes. This is the 10th year Microsoft has sponsored the competition.

Ross says he received this opportunity only by asking for it. “I am always looking for new opportunities and experiences,” he says. Ross sent an email to Microsoft in late April requesting to be a blogger at the event and the opportunity to interview contestants and attendees.  “I told them I would be blogging from a student perspective and show the possibilities that the Microsoft Imagine Cup holds for all young people in university to accomplish their dreams,” he says. “Within a day of sending, I got a reply stating that they liked what I was thinking.”

After he wrote Microsoft two more emails to request an update, Ross received an email the day after his June 11 birthday notifying him that he had been chosen to attend the event. “Since then, it has been an exciting journey that just keeps on bringing surprises,” he says.

In addition to blogging, Ross is networking and meeting like-minded individuals who “want to change the world with their entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity.”  He has met Australia’s minister of education, top Microsoft personnel, and keynote speaker Jessica Watson, who at the age of 16, was the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

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