Adventist Information Ministry

Contact Name: Adventist Information Ministry of North American Division of SDA
Contact Phone: 269-471-3522
Organization Website:
Internship Title: Communications Intern
Internship Times: It varies.

Description of Spanish Coordinator Internship:
This position is responsible for development and coordination of current and future Spanish-speaking clients. It is a fully bi-lingual position that supports effective interactions with AIM Senior Staff, Hispanic leadership of the North American Division, and Spanish clients who use AIM services. An intimate knowledge of Hispanic culture is important. Mastery of English and Spanish language for clear and appropriate communication is required. The coordinator will assist in the hiring, training, and ongoing support of student Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) working on the phones.

Description of Outbound Communications Internship:
This position solicits, maintains, and supervises Outbound calling projects. These include calls for surveys, sales, relationship building, prayer, event registration etc. The OOC is responsible for Outbound projects from beginning to end which includes script development and reporting. The coordinator will actively market AIM’s Outbound services. The OOS will assist in the hiring, training and supervision of student workers.

Fully bilingual English/Spanish
New Graduate
Soon to Graduate
Degree Majors: Communications, Marketing, Business, Public Relations

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Adventist Information Ministry