NPUC Teacher Registration

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* Home Address
* City
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* Work Phone
* Cell Phone
* Email Address
* Social Security Number
* Birth Date
* Marital Status
* Spouse’s Name
* Indicate conference of employment, noting that conference is not necessarily the same as state. When applying for summer courses, use conference of employment in UPCOMING school year.
* What is your employee status?
* Part-time teachers may register for up to 6 credits through the NPUC-WWU agreement; additional credits will be billed at regular price.
Campus Housing
* Will you need housing in a residence hall while taking classes in College Place?
* Planned arrival date
* Planned departure date
Required for Government Reporting
* Gender
* Citizenship
Ethnicity Information
* Are you of Hispanic/Latino origin?
* Of what Hispanic/Latino origin are you?
Are you one or more of the following?
Academic Information
The Current Academic Schedule is Available Online
* Have you previously enrolled at WWU?
* If yes, under what name(s) did you previously enroll?
* If previously enrolled at WWU, what year did you attend?
* What quarter are you enrolling for?
Registrations for summer session will be processed by the WWU Academic Records Office after the announced opening date for summer registration.
* Are you seeking State Certification?
* Are you seeking Denominational Certification?
* Have you applied to or been accepted into a WWU master’s degree program?
* You have chosen the non-degree route. If, in the future, you change your mind and apply for admission into a Master’s degree program, you will only be able to transfer into the degree 14 credit hours of coursework taken prior to admission.
* What WWU master’s degree program have you been accepted into?
List the classes in which you wish to enroll
Call No. Audit Prefix & Course No. Course Title Credits
Financial Agreement
* I understand that my tuition fees are being waived because of my teaching contract in an NPUC K-12 school for the upcoming school year; if my employment status should change, I will be responsible for these tuition fees. I agree to pay all non-tuition expenses incurred on campus including rent, books, cafeteria, class fees, and any other costs associated with my attendance at Walla Walla University. I understand it is my responsibility to pay these expenses even if I’m eligible for reimbursement from my employer. Should my account become delinquent, I authorize my employer to deduct these charges from my paycheck and pay Walla Walla University. By typing in my name and clicking on the "Submit" button below, I am providing electronic consent to use my electronic signature and agree that all information I am providing to Walla Walla University on this document is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.    
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