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WWU Vehicle Policies

The purpose of this policy is to reduce pedestrian risk, promote safe vehicle operation and to generally facilitate vehicle traffic and parking on the Walla Walla University campus. To accomplish this purpose, the administering of this policy is delegated to the Director of Security.

Vehicle use is a privilege and may be suspended or revoked by university authorities in matters of discipline. Vehicle use is defined as use or possession of a motor vehicle, including motor scooters, motor bikes, motorcycles and automobiles. Vehicle use brings the corresponding responsibilities of safe operation, and understanding and obeying university policies.  All students operating vehicles on campus are required to register the vehicle yearly with Campus Security within 48 hours of bringing it on campus. 

Parking fines are issued to all vehicles found in violation of Vehicle Policies listed on the Campus Security website. The campus security office reserves the right to tow any vehicle parked on the lawn, sidewalk, or in areas that block normal traffic flow, as well as vehicles that have multiple unpaid tickets. 

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Campus parking and traffic regulations comply with Washington State Motor Vehicle Laws and Walla Walla County ordinances and all owners/operators are required to act in compliance with all applicable laws.

A)  For the purpose of these regulations, motor vehicle shall include all cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, motorized bicycles, and all other motor-driven vehicles.

B)  These vehicle regulations are in effect on ALL WWU properties including all campus roads, streets, parking areas, improved and unimproved areas, and athletic fields.

C)  No unlicensed or improperly licensed vehicle may operate on the WWU campus.

D)  "NO PARKING" areas include, but are not limited to: curb areas at crosswalks, loading zones, service vehicle zones, assigned or reserved spaces, walks, planted or seeded areas, 15-ft space around fire hydrants, areas around trash/garbage collection sites, uncurbed areas, and posted "no parking" areas.

E)  The maximum speed limit on campus is 10 m.p.h. All stop signs, directional arrows, and other traffic indicators on campus are to be observed at all times.

F)  Without prior approval, no disabled or inoperative vehicle shall be parked on campus in excess of 30 days. Such vehicles are to be parked in an area approved by Security and are not to be left in areas of normal traffic or parking. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Security department, vehicles left unattended for extended periods may be subject to tow at the risk and expense of the owner.

G)  WWU reserves the right to tow away any illegally or improperly parked vehicles at the risk and expense of the owner/operator.

H)  Spaces identified as handicapped parking must be honored.

I)  No unauthorized motor vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, shall be operated on walks intended for foot traffic or on any lawns or other seeded areas.

J)  No major motor repair maybe done except in places approved by the residence hall deans.

K)  No items that are disapproved for possession by a student in their room maybe kept in a student's vehicle.

L)  Vehicles belonging to residence hall students must be parked in assigned campus lots.

M)  WWU assumes no liability for items lost, damaged or stolen while on WWU property, including but not limited to, vehicles and/or their contents.

N)  The use of motor vehicles on the WWU campus is a privilege and not a right. This privilege may be suspended or revoked at any time by college authorities in matters of discipline.

A)  Any motor vehicle that is to be used on campus must be registered with the college in the name of the owner/operator.

B)  It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to insure that their motor vehicle is properly licensed under Washington State laws. Normally, an out of state license is valid as long as an individual maintains full time student status, and can prove legal residency in another state.

C)  When a student changes motor vehicles it is their responsibility to register the new vehicle within five days of acquiring it.

D)  Registration decals for all vehicles are issued by the Security office following receipt of application and verification of information.

E)  Registration decals must be adhered to the inside surface of the automobile's windshield in the lower right corner.

A) The Director of Security is responsible for:

1.) Overseeing the administration and enforcement of these regulations.

2.) Arranging for the hearing of appeals.

3.) Recommending revisions of the campus traffic and parking regulations.

B) The Director of Security and Security personnel under the Director's control shall:

1.) Administer and enforce the campus traffic and parking regulations.

2.) Supervise the installation of appropriate traffic signs.

3.) Maintain a vehicle registration/incident report record system.

4.) Issue permits and citations.

5.) Patrol the university campus.

6.) Keep record of violations and fines.

C) People observed in violation of traffic regulations and vehicles found in violation of parking regulation may be given a citation. Repeat offenses or severe infractions may result in a vehicle being towed at the risk and expense of the owner/operator as well as vehicle privileges on campus being suspended or revoked.


1.) All fines must be appealed only at the Security office during regular business hours. (8 am to 4 pm.) Fines may be paid online or at the Security office. Fines not paid within two weeks of the date of issue will be subject to an additional late fee of $5, and the entire amount charged to the student's WWU account. In addition, any right to appeal the violation will have been forfeited.

2.) Schedule of Fines

a) Handicapped parking       $50

b) Failure to register vehicle      $25

c) Blocking Access areas      $20
Including, but not limited to: fire lanes, hydrants, loading zones, service areas, trash pick-up sites, other posted areas obstructing traffic

d) Moving Violations      $15
Including, but not limited to: speeding, driving/riding on sidewalk, failure to observe stop sign, reckless driving, wrong way on one way street

e) Parking violations      $10
Including, but not limited to: parked in "No Parking" areas, parked out of assigned lot, parked over posted time limit, areas not designated for parking, yellow curb areas

f) Failure to display permit      $5

g) Miscellaneous violations      $5


If you feel that you have received an undue violation, you may submit an appeal request through the security office during regular business hours. All such requests are reviews and decided up on by the Director of Security who, if necessary, may confer with additional administration in rendering a decision. All appeal decisions are considered final.

Last update on February 12, 2018