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Robotics Club

Robotics Club gives members the chance to expand their abilities with programming, circuits, and robot design, or just chill with others that also enjoy these subjects. Members can start with the basics, or dive into more advanced topics or larger team projects. The club typically meets once a week to every other week depending on members’ schedules. Expect quarterly builds plus fun events like quad-copter racing and game nights.

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Club Projects

Autonomous Quadcopter

The club is working on an autonomous quadcopter that uses computer vision, a raspberry pi computer, and a Pixhawk autopilot.

The code is available on Github here.

Robot cars

Small robot cars with ultrasonic sensors that can be programmed to do things like avoid obstacles or be controlled from a phone over bluetooth.

Club leadership


Caleb Jurgensen


Tom Ekkens

Past projects

Balloon Blimps

Radio controlled (RC) blimps made from repurposed micro RC car parts, propellers, and helium balloons.

Last update on May 17, 2018