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Student Health and Wellness

Our goal is to support the health and wellness of Walla Walla University students by identifying and understanding both local and national wellness challenges and working to address those needs in our community in a sustainable way—armed with honesty and compassion.

Services available during the campus closure due to COVID-19

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Peer-support community: TalkCampus
TalkCampus is a peer-support community that is available to you 24/7. It is an app you can download for free and use with your WWU email. Join a community where you can talk about the good, the bad, and the gritty—and get support for all of it.

Care Team (Services available for students currently on the College Place campus.)
The Care Team will identify the needs of students who may be sick, in self-isolation, or in quarantine and will provide resources to help, such as food, supplies, medical consultation, spiritual connection, and mental health resources. If you need help or know of a student who needs help, please complete the Care Team form.


Weekly events and programs

Due to COVID-19 these groups are not meeting—look for them to resume when campus opens again!

Finding Center


6-7 p.m. | Finding Center (led by Jacqueline Erwin)
56 N. College Ave #2


6-7 p.m. | Finding Center (led by Christel Joy Johnson)
56 N. College Ave #2

Stress Management


5-6 p.m. | Stress Management (led by Krista Neuendorff) - Snacks at 4:30 p.m.!
Meets in the Women’s Residence Apartment in Foreman Hall

Restorative Breath and Movement


6-7 p.m. | Restorative Breath and Movement (led by Heather Rodriguez)
56 N. College Ave #2

Men's Self Care group


8–9 p.m. | Men's Self Care group (led by Troy Davis)
Sittner Hall

Honest Conversations


8–9 p.m. | Honest Conversations (led by Jaci Cres Solis)
Conard Hall Parlor

Pornography Support Group for men and women

Location and time unannounced

Pornography Support Group for men and women 
To sign up or for more information, email 
All information received is kept strictly confidential


Carrie White, MA, LMHC

Student Health and Wellness Program Director, 
Associate Director of the Counseling and Testing Center

(509) 527-2175 |

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