The Homebase program is not available for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

WWU: Your homebase

Interested in trade-oriented training or certification?

If you're headed for community college, here's a way to follow your dreams and enjoy the benefits of the Walla Walla University community. Homebase is a residential life and discipleship program designed to immerse you in our intimate, spiritually rich campus environment while you receive professional/technical training from Walla Walla Community College. You can study at one of the best community colleges in the Northwest while you call Walla Walla University your home.

While you attend classes at Walla Walla Community College, you will also:

  • Live in WWU’s residence halls.
  • Eat in WWU’s cafeteria.
  • Attend WWU’s social and spiritual events.
  • Participate in WWU’s clubs (including ASWWU), student missions program, and intramural program.
  • Take part in a unique Homebase discipleship workshop program.
  • Interact with a Homebase mentor trained to nurture strong spiritual and social connections at WWU.
  • Agree to abide by WWU’s code of conduct and campus life/residence hall requirements.

The Homebase program is available during traditional fall, winter, and spring academic quarters. Requests for summer Homebase program participation are considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Program cost

Our goal is to provide a spiritually and socially stimulating on-campus environment at rates competitive with what the average community college student may pay for rent and living expenses on their own.

There is a $200 enrollment fee for the Homebase program.
A flat fee of $3,310 will be charged at the beginning of each WWU quarter. This fee includes:

  • Residence hall rent (double occupancy).
  • Gold meal plan at the WWU cafeteria.*
  • ASWWU and other campus activity dues.
  • Homebase discipleship program.
  • Homebase social and spiritual life mentor.
  • Accident insurance for activities on WWU campus. (Accident insurance for WWCC campus activities may be purchased through WWCC.)

The Homebase fee does not include medical insurance, which is required for participation in the program. Students must provide proof of medical insurance coverage for care within a 20-mile radius of Walla Walla University. Students who wish to purchase goods/club memberships not included in the above can do so with their personal funds—WWU identification cards will be issued for cafeteria purchases only.

*Homebase students may choose to upgrade or downgrade their meal plan for the WWU cafeteria at additional cost.

Financial aid
Homebase students may be eligible for financial aid through Walla Walla Community College, which may include provisions for living expenses that can be applied toward Homebase quarterly payments.


Walla Walla Community College recommends early registration to ensure enrollment in your chosen professional/technical area of study. Likewise space is limited in the Homebase program, and applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis when they are submitted.

  • For fall registration we recommend enrollment at WWCC and in Homebase no later than July 1.
  • Homebase applications will be accepted no later than two weeks before WWU classes begin each quarter.

As part of the Homebase application process, students must provide proof of enrollment in one of the WWCC areas of study accepted for this program. Therefore, it is vital that students work closely with WWCC well in advance, and recommended that students apply for the Homebase program at the same time.

Program requirements

  1. Be ages 22 and under.
  2. Have received a high school/academy diploma or a GED.
  3. Be actively enrolled at Walla Walla Community College pursuing one of areas of study accepted for this program.
  4. Complete a Homebase application with WWU.
  5. Submit two Homebase personal references from teachers or pastors (non-relatives).
  6. Submit the Authorization for Mutual Exchange of Confidential Information form.
  7. Submit a Homebase Residence Reservation form.
  8. Provide payment for the Homebase program at the beginning of each quarter.
  9. Provide proof of health insurance which covers them within a 20-mile radius of Walla Walla University. 
  10. Register their vehicle with WWU Campus Security.
  11. Attend all programs, workshops, and activities required by WWU, including: 
    • A biweekly Homebase discipleship meeting
    • Pre-quarter orientation sessions
    • Quarterly workshop sessions 
  12. Abide by WWU’s code of conduct and campus life residence hall requirements.

Areas of study eligible for the Homebase program

Agri-Business (two-year degree or certificate)

Agriculture Science and Technology (two-year degree, certificate or endorsement)

Commercial Truck Driving (certificate or endorsement)

Criminal Justice (two-year degree)

Cosmetology (two-year degree)*

Culinary Arts (two-year degree or certificate)

Education Professional Development

Education Paraprofessional (two-year degree/tr, certificate or endorsement)

Energy Systems Technology (two-year degree, certificate or endorsement)

Farrier Science (two-year degree, certificate or endorsement)

Fire Science (two-year degree or certificate)*

John Deere Technology (two-year degree or endorsement)*

Professional Golf Management (two-year degree or certificate)

Turf Management (two-year degree or certificate)

Water Management (two-year degree, certificate or endorsement)

Welding Technology (two-year degree, certificate or endorsement)*

* Special admissions process required for these programs; special permission is required.

What if a student chooses to transfer from WWCC to WWU?

Homebase students who wish to enroll in WWU’s academic programs are considered transfer students. Among other things, GPA and transfer credits will be evaluated during the applications process.

Will Homebase students be considered WWU Alumni?
Homebase students who complete their vocational training degrees at Walla Walla Community College will be WWCC graduates.

Can Homebase students play on WWU’s varsity athletic teams? 
No, athletes playing for WWU’s varsity athletic teams must be enrolled in classes at WWU. However, Homebase students may participate in WWU’s intramural programs and other club sport activities.

Will Homebase students be required to attend certain activities? 
Yes. Like other students on our campus, Homebase students will attend worships according to WWU requirements. They will also participate in a unique Homebase discipleship and workshop program. Students are required to attend a biweekly Homebase discipleship meeting and a workshop event at lease once each quarter. They are also required to attend pre-quarter orientations sessions as directed by the coordinator. 

Can Homebase students work on campus at WWU? 
No, unfortunately we are unable to provide WWU campus employment to Homebase students.

Can Homebase students live in WWU's village apartments?
Homebase is a residence hall-based residential life and discipleship program, for students ages 22 and under — residence in WWU’s residence halls is mandatory.

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