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University Health Clinic

The University Health Clinic provides health services for WWU students, faculty, and staff on the university campus in College Place.

The University Health Clinic is a partnership between WWU and Providence St. Mary Medical Center, our local hospital which is part of Providence Medical Group. The clinic is staffed by a full-time registered nurse and also provides access to a registered nurse practitioner. It also provides insurance billing for students, faculty, and staff, who come to the clinic prepared to present their insurance card and driver’s license and/or WWU ID card.

Students are encouraged to check their health insurance plan to be sure Providence Medical Group is an in-network provider, or consider other health insurance plans which include it in their network.

University Health Clinic hours

9 a.m.–12 p.m. and 1–5 p.m.

9 a.m.–12 p.m.

Nearest affiliated health facilities

Providence St. Mary Medical Center
401 W. Poplar St.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 897-3320

Emergency Room open 24 hours.

1. Submit required health forms

Student must submit the following forms as part of the registration process. If you have questions about this part of the process, please call the Walla Walla University Health Clinic at (509) 897-3690.

Forms should be faxed to:

WWU Health Clinic
(509) 525-9887

2. Review your health insurance

All undergraduate students and graduate international students taking more than 6 credits must be covered by a health insurance plan. Please make sure that you have coverage throughout your entire education at Walla Walla University. Check that Providence Medical Group is included in your in-network coverage or consider another health insurance plan. View insurance resources >

3. Consider a physical exam (optional)

A complete physical is recommended for new students. This examination can be performed by your regular physician.

4. Consider meningococcal vaccine (optional)

Meningococcal disease requires close contact to spread so is a concern on college campuses, especially for students living in residence halls. In Washington state fewer than 20 cases occur each year.
Learn more about Meningococcal disease and how to prevent it >


WWU Campus Security
(509) 527-2222

(509) 529-9922
Sexual Assault, Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence

(509) 524-2999
Mental health & Substance Abuse Crisis Line

(509) 529-3377 
WW County (food card for the food bank)

WWU Counseling
(509) 527-2147

In the case of an accident/incident, refer to reporting and claims information from Risk and Safety Management. With the exception of intercollegiate athletics accidents, the University does not provide student accident insurance coverage.

Intercollegiate Athletic Accident Insurance is for students injured while participating in the University intercollegiate sports program. The Athletic Trainer/Coach will assist the student to complete the A-G Accident Claim Form found at the WWU Athletics website at For additional information on coverage, see the Intercollegiate Athletic Accident Plan and Summary.

Last update on November 15, 2018