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What is a Small Group's Purpose?

The purpose of a small group is to fellowship with one another with God as their focus. A small group, from a realistic standpoint, fights loneliness thus promotes well-being, creates friendships, challenges individuals in personal growth, offers new opportunities to practice love, and inspires the search for how to make the love we give others greater.

Love is the image mankind was created in and thus embracing any aspect of love is focusing on God and our destiny; for 1 John 4:8 says that God is love. Whether practicing patience when losing a football game, preparing our skills to serve others food, knitting as a group to make beanies for the homeless, or playing a board game to make someone not feel so lonely; when we focus loving His children, we are putting love—we are putting God at the center of what we do. We are adhering to the image of God. And that is not only the purpose of a small group—that is the purpose of our very existence.

Last update on January 10, 2017