To provide, love, and educate the kids spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


Kuda Vana is a children’s home located about 30 minutes outside of Mutare, in a more isolated area. The home accommodates about 50 children who range in ages from 0 to 16 years old. These children are divided into 5 groups based on their ages and live in a house with one or two local mothers. This gives them a family environment to grow up in. Kuda Vana is in a beautiful spot surrounded by hills and mountains. There’s a large dam about a 3-minute walk from the home where the volunteers and children can go swim to cool off. The roles of the volunteers vary and are flexible but are focused on the children. They support teachers and the house mothers, help children with their homework, feed/take care of the babies in the nursery, run the home’s social media, take pictures, and are simply there to love and play with the children. 



Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $5,500
Living Allowance $100 per month plus $700 for in country transportation expenses
Requirements Visa requirements: If you are going to be at Kuda Vana for more than 6 months, you will need to plan to leave the country for at least 5 days and return through the Harare airport to receive a new visa.
Language The native language spoken is Shona and the kids love teaching it to you. However, it is recommended to speak English to the kids so they can learn.
Timeline Full year and semester options available. The school year in Zimbabwe is continuous throughout the whole year. Each term is three months in class and one month of break. SMs often arrive late August or early September and leave in May, but timing is flexible.
Positions School Helpers

More Info

Volunteers are responsible for their own cooking for most meals. They can visit one of the group homes in the evening and join them for supper. Stale food items are rice, sadza, pasta, beans, lentils, and cabbage. They also have other seasonal fruits and veggies like mangos and avocados. 

Volunteers live in a volunteer flat with a few rooms and a bathroom designated for them. There is a shared kitchen for all volunteers in the flat.