Bangla Hope Orphanage


To provide for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of vulnerable children, youth and women in Bangladesh. 


Bangla Hope Orphanage is located in a small village in the north-western portion of Bangladesh. It currently is home to 164 children that range in age from a few months old to 17. The younger children attend classes on the compound and live in rooms with 15-20 beds per room and one caregiver. From 9th grade on, the children attend Adventist boarding schools in the country. They come back to the compound during holidays and other home leaves. The compound is surrounded by rice paddies. Hili is a small town that borders India. It is close by and you can get most anything you need as trucks come through often bringing in products from India. Bangla Hope is a great call for those that want to work with children or are interested in nursing or teaching. 


Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $5,500
Requirements 1+ years of college experience and a visa. A visa is received upon entry and must be renewed very 3 months. Volunteers typically make a trip to India to renew their visa when needed.
Language Most people on campus speak English. The kids speak it well, but the younger kids and locals outside of campus mainly speak Bengali.
Timeline Timeline is flexible. The school system is currently in a trimester system with the school year beginning in January. However, it’s best not to arrive during or near one of their school breaks.


  • Positions are flexible

  • School Nurse

  • Tutor

  • Middle School Teacher

  • Music Teacher

More Info

Hazrapur, Bangladesh

Meals are prepared by the kitchen staff and the cook is amazing. Typical meals consist of rice, daal (lentils), and different curries or vegetables. 

Volunteers with either live in an apartment complex or in the guest house above the clinic. Each apartment houses 2-4 volunteers and has 1 or 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living space area. Beds and mattresses are provided and often there is a couch in the living room. 

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