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A Word from The Chaplain

In Luke 10, we learn that Jesus sent out 70 disciples to preach, teach, and serve others in His name. Though we can assume that these individuals came from diverse backgrounds, we also know that they must have experienced profound growth and unity as they allowed Christ to use their ordinary lives for extraordinary purposes.


As modern day disciples of Christ, the Walla Walla University Student Missions program seeks to intentionally facilitate service journeys that follow in the foot-steps of our Savior. Our mission is to magnify the love of Christ in our hearts and to our world, and we know that Christ’s ministry ideology is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

Through building capacity for domestic and international missions, we get to experience an incredible gift Walla Walla University gives to the world and in turn, a gift God gives to our students. Most student missionaries return with extraordinary leadership skills, clearer goals, and more determined lives. We benefit from the strong spiritual influence of these returned SMs on our campus.  They become our student leaders. They are students with a vision.

Student Missions is truly integral to the culture of Walla Walla University. Each year Christ is glorified as around 70 of our students work throughout the world in positions such as teachers, deans, humanitarian aides, and orphanage helpers. The dedication of these student missionaries is what helps make Walla Walla University what it is today -- a service-minded and Christ-centered campus.

As Jesus sent out 70, we seek to send out 70-too. Join the number… join the movement.

Brittni Bryan
Executive Missions Chaplain
Last update on January 25, 2018