COVID-19 Response

Walla Walla Volunteer Corps 

Providence St. Mary’s, Walla Walla County Department of Community Health, and the Center for Humanitarian Engagement have founded the Walla Walla Volunteer Corps in an effort to better serve our community.

Our vision is to have a community of volunteers that will rise to the challenge of COVID-19 and similar efforts of improving the quality of life in Walla Walla Valley in the future.

To register as a volunteer for the Mass Community Vaccination Clinics and future upcoming events, please visit ASWWU Global Servicehas also been encouraging Walla Walla University students, staff, and faculty to help with the vaccination registration booths. To sign up to help welcome people, visit ASWWU Global Service's links or email for more information. Volunteers are given the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Make sure to stay aware of the upcoming clinics in the Walla Walla Valley.

Students working with the CHE are innovating new initiatives to fight coronavirus with compassion. We have a number of new initiatives that were created around COVID-19 practices. Find a way below to engage and get involved!

Project Send Hope

Imagine the impact we can have if we all share cards overflowing with encouragement with those who need it most right now – our healthcare workers, hospital patients, and essential workers.

We have the cards, printing, and mailing handled. All we need is you! Will you help us send hope?

For printable cards and more information, check out

His Kids in Action Online

Do you like to help support kids programs? HKIA has been working with kids on the north side of town in the shadows of the Penitentiary for many years. They have developed a deep relationship with many children, but now with the stay at home order, they are creating content that can be delivered as a package. The CHE is helping take that content to an online platform to spread to children around the globe.

To find out more about this project and to share the content please visit:


    Protective Masks Project

    Do you know how to sew? No? Neither do we. Don't worry; we are not looking for students to make masks, but instead, they will be looking for areas that need masks. Once a need is identified, we have resources to help match the need with organizations that are creating masks, or we will give guidance through a pdf packet on how to recruit individuals to help make masks.

    We are feeling the pressure of a national shortage of masks and other essential PPE items. In the spirit of the Walla Walla University’s core value “Generosity in Service,” we want to do all we can to help! We have a unique opportunity for service here, as our campus is currently spread throughout the world, and therefore we have the potential to impact more people than ever before!

    We are looking for students who are willing to do local research and seek out areas of need in their communities. Once a need is identified, we have information and resources to connect you with help to meet that need. Below is an outline of the steps you will take if you choose to join us in this project.

    We want you to be aware of the needs in your local communities. A couple of great places to start would be to ask a question in a “My Towns” group on Facebook. For example, if you live in Walla Walla, log onto Facebook and search in the groups tab “Walla Walla.” You should be able to find several groups with thousands of members dedicated to posting news, events, etc. Another option would be to call your local county health departments, nursing homes, assisted living centers, or even grocery stores! All of our essential workers are experiencing the stress of limited PPE equipment, so try contacting these places to find if they have a need for masks at this time.


    Once you have identified a need in your local community, it’s time to get to work! Download our guide on how to make face masks, Cloth Face Masks 101, or connect with local business who are producing these masks on a larger scale. Check out the Mask Resource map to find locations near you!


    Now that you know who is in need and what steps you are going to have to take to provide for them, it is time to recruit other people to help you make and deliver masks. We suggest asking people in your church, asking your grandma, or putting out an “SOS!” on your social media to find friends and family who can help you in this project. If you would rather purchase masks from small businesses, you can reach out to these same people and ask for help to fundraise the cost for the masks.

    Thank you for considering joining us in our effort to assist our neighbors across the globe, and for embodying our core concept of Generosity in Service.

    Student/Faculty/Staff Engagement

    Finding our new normal during this period is going to take some time. We are seeking ways to encourage each other by rebuilding connections for students and staff/faculty, but also in between the two. We have launched a new podcast called The Global Campus. It is currently available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Music! The mission of The Global Campus podcast is to create a forum during the COVID-19 pandemic for students, staff, faculty and friends of WWU to share encouragement and promote generosity in service. Listen in on friendly and topical discussions about the lives and stories of WWU students and faculty as we face the uncertainty together.

    We are looking for your story to share and encourage others through The Global Campus Podcast. Send in a story idea through this form. Thank You!


    Uplifting Art

    In looking for ways to help uplift and encourage each other, what better way than through art? Think of Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Bob Ross! Well unfortunately, we are not as skilled as them, but the Uplifting Art project is designed to use art to inspire people, just like those famous artists did! We are finding ways to build up our communities and support those in need of a smile in these challenging times. CHE is ready to help you encourage your neighbors by drawing fun chalk art on your neighbors’ sidewalk or showing love to those in nursing homes by creating art banners to put outside for the residents to see.

    We are hoping this will allow for some fantastic creativity for generosity in service, not just in Walla Walla but across the nation.

    Intentional Acts of Kindness

    Do you want to help but don't have money to make it happen? The CHE, through very generous donors, is now able to provide funding for you to assist in your community wherever you are! This is an unprecedented time and intentional acts of kindness are exactly what people need right now. Apply for the mini grant by using this application and once approved, we'll send you some funds so you can start helping right away!

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