Jumpstart Volunteer Event

Thank you so much taking an interest in participating in our Jumpstart service day. As incoming freshmen, you are all starting a brand-new phase in your life, and what better way to start out your college experience than getting connected with each other through something as important as service. Here at the Center for Humanitarian Engagement, we focus on bringing Walla Walla University’s core value of Generosity in Service to life. We want to expose you to this through a sampling of projects so that you can get to know the community a little bit better and learn about what service can look like for you here at WWU.  

The community is counting on you to make a difference, join us in sharing God’s love today by signing up below to reserve your spot! 

Date: September 24 

Time: 1-3 PM 

Location: KRH Lawn (Behind the Jesus statue), groups will split up from there. 

Email: che@wallawalla.edu 

Phone: (509) 527-2100 

Volunteer Event Options

Fighting Food Insecurity: 15 max 

The Blue Mountain Action Council is the only food bank in Walla Walla, distributing many thousands of pounds of food every week. You have the opportunity to help pack boxes of food to be distributed to our community members in need. If you are passionate about this essential work of supplying food for our community, join us again! WWU supplies volunteers for food distributions on the second Friday of each month and we would love to have you join us. 


Community Garden Upkeep: 12 max 

Our very own Enactus club has developed a community garden that provides affordable space to local community members to grow fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Your help is needed! Join us to create new garden beds, and upkeep existing beds to guarantee a wonderful experience for gardeners and visitors. Make sure to come in clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty! 


House Painting: 20 max 

One of Walla Walla’s elderly disabled community members needs your help! She is in need of a few students to help start painting her house before winter comes. Don’t have any painting experience? That’s okay! We will give you a quick crash course and you will be a pro in no time! This project be continued and finished during our campus wide fall service day in October. As freshmen, you will have the unique opportunity to start the project and see it all the way through! Work clothes and closed toed shoes highly recommended. 


Blue Zones Project Purpose Workshop: 30 max 

Walla Walla University has brought the Blue Zones Project to the Walla Walla Valley! Blue Zones Project seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community, and an important part of that process is identifying your purpose. People with purpose are happier, more successful, and live longer. Come join a purpose workshop to help pinpoint your purpose, find your why, and learn more about the Blue Zones Project! 

Letters to Inmates: 30 max 

Do you like writing? If you do, this is the project for you! We are looking for students who are willing to write letters of encouragement to inmates at the Walla Walla State Penitentiary. Since the pandemic, visitors have not been allowed and prisoners are seeking support. We would love to have you join our volunteer writing team and help change the lives of those in the penitentiary.  


Free Intelligent Conversation: 30 max 

Free Intelligent Conversation gives you the opportunity to connect with people in the community and have meaningful conversations. This group will go to downtown Walla Walla and engage with community members through a selection of cue cards, this is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and make connections with people that you wouldn’t normally talk to! 


Shed Building Preparation: 15 max 

A single elderly lady who lives alone is in need of our help!  She is an avid gardener who thrives on working outside. We need a few students who are willing to help tear down her old shed and lay the foundation for a brand new one. We would also like to help build her a path from her garage to her house. This will be the first step in building her a brand-new shed, this project will be continued and hopefully finished during our campus wide fall service day in October. As freshmen, you have the unique opportunity to begin the project and see it all the way through!  Work clothes and closed toed shoes highly recommended. 


Click "Sign Up Here" to sign-up for the Jumpstart Service Day.  Unfortunately, each project has a max limit, if you don't see the project you want on the form that means it has already been filled up.

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