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Hazardous Material Spill

Report Incident

  • Report nature, location and size of any spill or leak of hazardous materials to Emergency Operations Director/Campus Security, 2222, and Department supervisor.

To assist victims

  • Immediately wash the chemical or bio hazardous material from the victim and remove contaminated clothing.
  • Eyes, if contaminated, should be flushed immediately with water. Emergency washing facility locations are listed on the last page of this handbook.
  • In the case of corrosive or irritating chemicals, continue flushing of the skin and/or eyes for 15 minutes. First aid procedures should be started at once.

Access to the affected area should be limited to prevent further contamination of others until safety personnel can determine if evacuation of the building is needed.

Unless seeking medical attention, persons who are potentially exposed to a spill or radiation should, before leaving area, report to emergency personnel at the site and give name, phone number, and address.

Required cleanup will be directed by the appropriate authorities.

Department Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for reference in each department.

Campus Security

309 South College Ave

College Place, WA 99324
24 Hour: (509) 527-2222
Director: (509) 527-2613

Last update on February 25, 2016