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First Aid and Medical Instructions

Take these actions

  • Call 911 for a serious injury or illness.
  • Keep victim still and comfortable and do not move them.
  • Check breathing and pulse. If victim has no pulse and you have been trained, perform CPR.
  • Control serious bleeding by applying direct pressure on wound.
  • Look for emergency medical ID, Medic-Alert tags, question witnesses and give all information to Campus Security or emergency responders when they arrive.

First aid kit locations

Administration BuildingMKW Fine Arts Center
Admissions and Marketing OfficeMusic Office
Financial Administration Office 
 Meske Hall
Aviation HangarRA Rooms
Office, Hangar 
 Peterson Memorial Library
Bowers HallFront Desk, Periodicals

History Department Office

 Plant Services
Campus SecurityAll Workshops, All Plant Service Vehicles
Front Desk 
 Power Plant
Canaday Technology CenterSee Plant Operator
Rooms 102 (Main Office), 109, 110, 115, 125,
314, 315, 316, 320, 307, Student Financial
Services (Sink Drawer), KGTS (Restroom)
 Rental Properties
Chan Shun Pavilion/Kretschmar HallOffice
Engineering Office, 
Mathematics Office, Physics OfficeRigby Hall
 Room 207, Room 210, Room 218
College Church 
Church OfficeSittner Hall
 Front Desk, RA Rooms
College Store 
Customer Service DeskSmith Hall
 Education Office, Child Development
Conard HallClassroom
RA Rooms 
 Sociology/Social Work Department
Dairy ExpressOffice in Building #1
 Spiritual Life Center
Foreman HallFront Desk
Front Desk, RA rooms 
 Village Hall
Havstad Alumni CenterTeaching/Learning Center Front Desk
Front Desk 
 Winter Education Complex
Kellogg HallCage Room, PE Office
Food Service Office, Kitchen, SAC/Kitchen      

Or: Call Campus Security, 2222, to have a kit delivered to you.

Campus Security

309 South College Ave

College Place, WA 99324
24 Hour: (509) 527-2222
Director: (509) 527-2613

Last update on January 31, 2019