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  • Stay where you are!
  • Drop, cover, and hold. Drop down under or next to something solid like a table, desk, or interior doorway.  Tuck your head and cover it with your arms.  Hold onto the solid object you are near.
  • Avoid windows, filing cabinets, bookcases or objects that may fall or collapse.
  • Do not use the elevator.


  • Move away from buildings, trees, and electrical lines.


  • Check for injuries. Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate danger of further injury.
  • Proceed to designated assembly area and check in with your Building Coordinator.
  • Be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Be aware of potential danger from gas or chemical leaks, fire, downed power lines, damaged structures, and other hazards.
  • Report injuries or damage to the Building Coordinator, who will report to the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Do not re-enter buildings with visible damage until the building has been cleared for occupancy.

Campus Security

309 South College Ave

College Place, WA 99324

24 Hour: (509) 527-2222
Director: (509) 527-2613

Last update on March 13, 2019