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About Campus Security

Campus Security exists to protect the people and property of Walla Walla University. Our director and staff provide a number of services including: CPR/first aid, security escorts, crime prevention information, vehicle registration/parking permits, criminal incident reporting and investigation, lost and found, and battery jumping, and more. 

We aim to secure a safe, crime-free campus and rely on your cooperation and support to achieve this. Our officers seek to avoid unnecessary confrontation when possible and will professionally and courteously address questions or concerns. If you feel uncomfortable with an officer's actions or attitude, please contact the Campus Security director immediately.

While Campus Security is not an official law enforcement agency and our security officers do not have arrest authority, we strive to minimize the likelihood of criminal activity and promote awareness of safety and security issues in a timely manner. Please call, email, or stop by our office if you have questions, concerns, or are in need of assistance.

Meet the Staff

Courtney Bryant

Campus Security Director

As Campus Security director, Courtney oversees security, emergency preparedness, and safety on the College Place campus. Courtney, who came to Walla Walla in 2014 previously served at the Riverside County Probation Department working with troubled youth. Courtney can be reached by emailing or by calling (509) 527-2222.

Find more information on safety services, security policies, vehicle registration, emergency preparedness, and more on Campus Security website.

Zach Miller

Campus Security Associate Director

Robert Harvey

Campus Security Officer, Sergeant

Last update on December 15, 2017