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Student Handbook

The Walla Walla University Student Handbook and Code of Conduct provides current and prospective WWU students with an overview of social, physical, and spiritual life at WWU. Students living in either a residence hall or in the community are encouraged to use the handbook to become familiar with their rights and responsibilities as members of the WWU community.

By registering for classes, each student pledges acceptance of and full cooperation with university policies as stated in this handbook, code of conduct, WWU Bulletin, and as officially announced. Student behavior, both on campus and off campus, is expected to comply with and reflect the values of Walla Walla University.

Visitors to the university are asked to cooperate with university policies while on campus. Walla Walla University welcomes visitors whose conduct while on campus is in accordance with these policies.

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct​​​​​​​

Contents Include:
Student Handbook
Student Code of Conduct
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Sexual Misconduct and Sex Discrimination Policy

Last update on October 9, 2018