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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Makes the Difference

Financial aid is the combination of grants, scholarshipsloans and work-study programs that make higher education possible for most students and families. While it's natural to worry about how to pay for college, by the time financial aid is considered, you could actually pay less out-of-pocket to attend WWU than any other Adventist or private college—or even a state school.

Who gets financial aid?  Almost everyone.  Almost 90 percent of WWU students qualify, and the average annual award is almost $22,000.  So even if you think you won't be eligible, apply anyway—for three good reasons:

  • It's free, and not as complicated as it looks.
  • It's the same federal form for every college and university.
  • It's the only way to get financial aid.

The total amount of scholarships, grants, and subsidy (from all sources) which a student receives cannot exceed WWU's packaging budget in any given year. If the total does exceed the packaging budget, the award from WWU will be reduced.

Adding or dropping a class on or before the 10th day of the quarter may affect a student's financial package.

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