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Estimated Expenses

Look Past the Price Tag

Naturally, if you're choosing a college, you need to look at the price tag. But it's equally important that you then look past it, to the bottom line--because your out-of-pocket cost is what truly counts.

Each family situation is unique, and until you apply for financial aid and factor in the merit scholarships you've earned, you won't know what your actual cost to attend WWU will be.

So look past the price tag--and remember that financial aid makes the difference.

2014-15 Estimated Expenses*

2015-16 Estimated Expenses*


*Note that while these charts identify many of the expenses a student may incur, it is not an exhaustive list. Students will have additional expense for such things as transportation, personal needs and other extras not mentioned here. Parents and students will want to consider such expense when making financial plans to cover total WWU costs.



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