Virtual Guest Book

Jerry Woods '97"May WWU be blessed as it prepares another generation of students to love a hurting world." 

Richard Flaiz '74 - "See you next year." 

Troy Patzer '99- "Hoping to see you all at Alumni Homecoming 2021!"

Linda Monroe '80 - "Hard to believe it's been 40 years since graduating from Walla Walla College! Wish I/we could be there in person." 

Michelle Hess att.

Larry Ramey '78"Keep the love of Christ and joy of anticipating His soon coming alive on WWU campus." 

Ed Turner '66"Be safe, everyone!" 

Carlyn Chamberlain '01

Pat Johnston '58"Sorry to miss everyone this year, but sincerely hope you are each well." 

Joe Humble '61 - "Greetings to all our friends. Miss you and hope you are well."

Sid Kettner '65- "Sill love 'my school'." 

Dorothy Deer '63"Good years at WWU!" 

Neil Biloff '72Still working for the Dakota Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota." 

David Panosian '85 - "We will miss being with everyone this weekend. Looking for the ultimate reunion in heaven!!!" 

Carol Boyce Iram '73

Merle Balharrie '66

Betty Wood '59 - "Welcome home to WWU. Bob and I have had the privilege of living in the Walla Walla Valley for more than 40 years." 

Rachelle Lebold '17

Heidi Ramirez '99 and '00"I enjoy seeing updates from former classmates and what is going on with WWU now. I had such a positive experience as a student and have such good memories. And I feel I received an excellent education and have been able to apply everything I've learned in my social work career."

Julie Guiao '81 - "So many great memories, see you next year!"

Erin (Buchanan) Will '08 - "Many wonderful memories of and at this special school."

Bob Hoffman '69

Bill Fritz '75 and '77 "Congratulations to my fellow Alumni of the Year honorees: Sam Carvajal '60, Doug Clark '70 & Becky Billock '94. Here is to a great virtual weekend!

Fonny Oei '79 - "May the Lord bless you with good health and keep us safe."

Arthur Slagle '75 - "Greetings from Asheville in the mountains of Western North Carolina."

Timothy Ruybalid '05

Karen Murcia

Sam Carvajal '60 "You cannot enjoy what you have until you share it with others."

Teresa Rae '19

Alexander Salzman '11 and '14 - "Thanks WWU!

Pam Greenlaw '95

Dan & Betsy Matthews '57 - "Virtual is wonderful but we miss seeing all our classmates."

Maria Platner '09 - "Be well everyone!"

Joy (Uehlin) Palmer '61 - "Thanks for virtual alumni weekend."

Beverly Rippey Foster '78

Howard Gimbel '56 - "Judy and I are happy to connect with our Alma Mater and friends from 64 years ago"

Kathleen Moor '74 - "Virtually attending from Kelso, Washington."

F. Ben Moor III '75 - "Virtually attending from Kelso, Washington."

Daniel Moor '03 - "Hey everyone!"

Cindy (Kromrei) Schultz '78 "This is such a great idea! Thank you!"

David Smith '80 - "Thank you for helping equip me for 40  years as a Biomedical Equipment (Healthcare Technology Management) professional! Best wishes to you all!"

Bill McVay '67 - "I love Walla Walla!"

Sylvia Lou Blanchfield '69 - "I'll always love WWU."

Steve Davis '71

Kieren Bailey '02 "Greetings from Grande Prairie, AB. I have yet to make it back on campus for a physical alumni. Nice to be able to virtually do so this year."

Kathryn Stensland '75

Melvin I Anderson '59

Liana St. Clair

Tereena Gribble '81 "Really missing this year's alumni! Planning for next year."

Erica Westman '11

Brian Snarr '94  - "I still relish the time of growth I had at WWU!"

Brent Stanyer '84 

Phyllis and Ron Rehling '66 - "Greetings and very nice to get to be a part of this!!"

Frank Stahl '83 "My wife, Kay, also 1983 grad is with me... we never heard of that Walla Walla song. LOL. We live and serve in Pennsylvania."

Jeremy Clay '12

John Sackett '80 - "Blessings to all my fellow WWU graduates, students, faculty, attendees, and supporters."

Claudia Santellano '14 - "Glad and grateful for WWU and WWU alumni, a most special bunch!"

Marvin Robertson '56 - "Thanks for providing this."

Joyce Berkeley Peterson '58

Roger Baltrusch '59 - "Dear Walla Walla College here's to you-----"

Joy Strickland Turner '77 - "Evensong was the most beautiful event of the whole weekend! Thank you for blessings us!"

Joann Talitonu '14 - "some of my greatest memories happened here! Walla Walla I hope to come back some day to visit. Heart."

Keith Farnsworth '62

Edwin Larson '49 - "Hi, to all the 'old timers'"

Campbell Richard '69 and '72

Kendrick Mensink '12 - "Bless your efforts during COVID-19 pandemic."

Lauren Prusia att. 2010-2011, 2015-2016

Philip Sirbu ''04 - "Thanks for the virtual tour! Brought back a lot memories."


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