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Portland and Vancouver

November 8 and 10, 2018

You are cordially invited to attend a Walla Walla University alumni event in Portland or Vancouver. Join President John McVay and members of the WWU Alumni and Advancement team for food and conversation.

Seating is limited, and this event is now full; however, if you would like to add your name to the RSVP list, please email, and we will contact you if space opens up. 

Vancouver | Thursday, November 8, 6:30 p.m. | Complimentary Dinner and WWU update

The Old Spaghetti Factory 730 SE 160th Ave, Vancouver, WA

This event is now full. Email alumni to add your name to the wait-list.

Clackamas | Saturday, November 10, 7:30 p.m. | Complimentary dinner and WWU update

The Old Spaghetti Factory 12725 SE 93rd Ave., Clackamas, OR 

This event is now full. Email to add your name to the wait-list.


  • Darlene Armstrong
  • Cindy Stewart
  • Dan and Dairn Woodman
  • Deborah Reynolds
  • Tash and Jason Chase O'Neill
  • Maureen Caldwell
  • Eleanor and Elsworth Hetke
  • Francis and Mrs. Colls
  • David and Bambi Perrin
  • Greg and Mari Ferguson Cheney
  • Bridget and Ryan Whitehead
  • Laura and Gabe Pinto
  • Steve and Wanita Butler
  • Gary and Carol Dodge
  • Charletta Handly
  • Jim and Linda Ivy
  • Michaelynn, Donald, Zack, and Ryan Paul
  • Summer, Linda, Bruce, and Harmony Kurts
  • Luurt and Jeanette Nieuwenhuis
  • Larry and Anne Ilchuck
  • Andy Bryson
  • Katelyn Winter
  • Tami Edwards
  • Jonny and Heather Moor
  • Caroline Koller
  • Ricky, Kelly, Owen, Tanner, and Blake Fleck
  • Ellen Sperl
  • James/Jay Graham and Marilyn Miller
  • Ronald and Jeanene Miller
  • Kristen Smith
  • Kyle Bahnsen
  • Wes and Maretta Kandoll
  • Fred Troutman
  • Randy and Donna Hesgard


  • David and Marilyn Drake
  • Shawna Drake Rentschler
  • Ginaya Drake
  • Jerry Harrington
  • Esther and Eddie Norton
  • Pat Reynolds
  • Sandra Mathis
  • Marilyn Wallace
  • Mary, Gary, and Kate Spencer
  • Tom and Brooke Stafford
  • Ann Larrabee
  • Everlyn and Bert Connell
  • Dale and Lorene Beaulieu
  • Diane and Rune Saur
  • Julie and Nicholas Jones
  • Jacob White
  • Mickey Ye
  • Richard and Gwen Gingrich
  • Marmilyn Novak
  • Y Chan, Vinson, and Ngoc
  • Jim and Vivian Robertson
  • Robert Lang and Sharon Howard
  • Cheryl Carver
  • Ron and Phyllis Rehling
  • James and Carlyn Chamberlan
  • Brandon and Jantzen Forbes
  • Elton Narciss
  • John and Arnie Guiher
  • Wendell and Betsy White
  • Katie and Josh Linfoot
  • Wendy Wolfswinkle da Silva
  • Kathy and Kirk Weidman
  • Joshua and Mrs. Sarris
  • Andrew, Julia, Bill, and Linda Shobe
  • Bruce and Joanne Dixon
  • Alex and Stephanie Hartzell
  • Nathan and Emily Hellman
  • David, Aletha, Connor, and Kristian Natiuk
  • Breena Nakamura
  • David and Karen Stefonek
  • Lloyd and Fern Piper
  • Viginia Lockhart
  • Kendra and Jeremiah Gibson
  • Laurel and Tony Rogers
  • Mark Tereau
  • Maria Solaita
  • Barbara Ellen Specht and Ivalee Clark
  • Cindy Goh
  • Samuel Laredo
  • Rhett Unger
  • Alyssa and Clayton Sattelmayer
  • Steve and Cindy Walikonis

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