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Class of 1971

It's been 50 years since the class of 1971 crossed the graduation stage at Walla Walla College! We're thrilled to be celebrating you and your achievements over the years.

50 year class gift

Class of 1971 Scholarship Endowment: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Class of 1971, you have the opportunity to come full circle and help an even greater number of deserving students reach their educational dreams by growing the Class of 1971 Scholarship Endowment. Since 1989 the endowment has grown to over $35,000 and provides one or two scholarships each year. You can help provide a life-enriching experience for future students.

Two of your classmates came together to create a matching gift challenge – so any gift you give will be doubled by them up to a maximum of $10,000. This may be a stretch opportunity for you which can have a lasting impact on some very deserving young people. Join your classmates who have already contributed and make your gift today. Click on the green button, select frequency, choose the category Class 50th Anniversary Project Funds, select the fund Class of 1971 50th Fund, enter the amount you wish to donate, provide your personal information and payment information, and follow the prompts. 

Class of 1971 Zoom Reunion

Join your classmates for fellowship, laughter, and story-telling.

April 24, 3:00 p.m.

Memories of the class of 1971

Mountain Ash 1971

Click on the Mountain Ash pages to turn them and flip through the memories!

Download a PDF of the 1971 Mountain Ash (May take a few minutes to generate)

1971 Walla Walla College Commencement Programs

Photos from the years leading up to graduation

Photos for 50 Year Reunion

Photos of class members from previous reunions

Class of 1971

1971 Class Roster

First Name Last Name Deceased
Kenneth Amundson  
Marjory Anderson  
Marilyn Anibal-Kunz  
Sherry Anthes  
Charla Appel  
Edwin Appudoray  
Larry Arnott  
Paul Axford  
Albert Bahnmiller  
Carl Bahrke  
Loretta Baker  
Adelaide Bandy 8/27/93
Susann Bassham  
Patricia Bates  
Dorothy Bates unknown
Wayne Bechthold  
Bonita Bird  
Earl Black 10/6/00
Fay Blix  
Mickey Bowers  
Helen Boyd  
Alicia Brown  
Clarice Brown  
Mike Brownfield  
Bruce Brownfield 3/25/07
Pam Bullock  
Gwen Burseth  
Nancy Campbell  
Glen Choban  
Eileen Christenson  
Minda Christie  
Myrna Clark  
Donna Cook  
Nancy Crist  
Ruth Cross  
Les Cunningham  
John Darrow  
Jani Davidson  
Russ Davidson  
Steve Davis  
Judi Dear  
James Deeney Jr 6/19/14
Lydia Deiss  
Cathy Derby  
Joan Dickson Dewey 6/27/12
Mary Dimock  
Carol Dodge  
Lonnie Dorgan  
Wanda Downer  
Mary Kay Duvall  
Phil Eagon  
Diana Elstad  
Beverly Erwin 5/12/03
Shirley Estrella  
Beverly Fallang 3/12/87
Sean Fargo  
Tony Finch  
Lynette Fisher  
Thomas Fisher  
Edward Fletcher  
Jane Folk  
Linda Foster  
Linda Frederico  
Lyman Fritz  
George Fullerton unknown
Julie Gantz 2/8/80
Donna Gilder 9/19/07
Eric Graham  
Glen Greenwalt  
Elizabeth Greer  
Brenda Grovet  
Japhena Hall  
Mary Lou Louise Ham  
Florence Hanson  
Gary Hanson  
Judi Hanson  
Floy Haraden 6/12/94
Ellen Haun 6/29/05
Solita Henderson 8/16/16
Connie Herington  
Jennifer Higgins  
Loren Hinger  
Sharon Hoag  
David Hoffman  
Richard Holroyd  
Fred How  
Doris Huffman  
Kenneth Hunton  
Valetta Hutcheson  
Wesley Ivy 12/12/12
Harvey Jacobson  
Jackie Jager  
Rodney Janssen  
Jeanne Jarnes  
Chris Jenkins  
Connie Jessel  
Armand Johnson  
Brigitte Johnson  
Ron Jolliffe  
Mabel Jones 8/30/17
Margaret Joseph 4/25/17
Jesse Justice  
Susan Kahn  
Edmund Kasner  
Jon Kattenhorn  
Lowell Kattenhorn 5/17/12
Anita Keithley  
Bruce Kelley  
Steven Kelln  
Kitty Kelly  
Sharon Kraft  
Renate Krause  
Elvin Krueger  
Lou Kuntz Jr  
Linda Kwan  
Margaret LaCom  
Henry Lamberton  
Janice Landers 9/10/06
Lon Lasher  
Dave Latoski  
La Verne Lawhead  
Juanita Leng  
Janice Lewis  
Bill Lindeman Jr  
Marjorie Liske 7/6/04
James Lloyd  
Rob Lloyd 7/6/13
David Lomeland 5/18/20
Susan Losey 12/28/16
Judi Low  
Al Lowe  
James Lumsden  
Gary Lund  
Ruth MacKenzie  
Warren Matheson 12/25/92
Victor Matson  
Paul Mayberry  
Dorothy McCart  
Merlin McDow  
Brenda McGuire  
Duane Miner  
John Molnik 2/2/87
Julie Murphy  
Walter Murray  
Lewis Musgrave  
Cherilee Musson  
Ernie Norhton  
Tom Nudd  
Clair Nystrom  
Ole Olesen  
Marguerite Ottman unknown
Donna Paddock 1/5/01
Gary Park  
Judith Park  
David Parker  
Rebecca Patchin  
Sue Patten  
Patti Perrin 11/20/14
Richard Peterson  
Randy Phillips 9/1/03
Joan Pierce  
Judith Poirot  
Victor Purvis 3/15/18
Gloria Rasmussen  
John Rasmussen  
Dora Redford  
Mary Reinhardt  
Jim Reinking  
Ron Reynolds  
David Rice 2/3/00
Kathi Robbins unknown
Charlotte Rogers  
John Rogers  
Coleen M Roberts Roggenkamp  
Kenneth Rudolf  
Glen Sayler  
Dennis Schafer  
Loislee Schwartz  
Gail Scoggins  
Beverly Scott  
Sue Shabo  
Dennis Skau 4/2/02
Bud Smick  
Bonnie Sormin unknown
Marilyn Southam  
Ed Starkebaum  
Dennis Stevens  
Erma Stevenson  
Dennis Stilwell  
Albert Stoyanowski  
Larry Stryker  
Eileen Stuart  
Maurene Stubbins  
Larry Swisher  
Marcella Taylor  
Diane Tebelius  
Sylvia Tetz  
Judy Thomas  
Dan Throckmorton  
Claudia Thurber  
Elizabeth Triplett  
Larry Vonkuster  
Kathy Vories 6/17/77
Carol Waite  
Clifford Walters  
Sharon Ware  
Marlene Watson  
Terry Watson  
Leslie Wendler 3/29/14
Gary Werner  
Dan White  
Janice Wijma 3/12/07
Carolyn Winter  
Wiona Winters  
Melvin Woodruff 10/19/20
Judy Worley  
Clara Wren  
Lorraine Yamamoto  
Monika Yancey  
Elizabeth York 11/18/11
Dirk Zinner  

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