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Class of 1970

It's been 51 years since the class of 1970 crossed the graduation stage at
Walla Walla College! We're thrilled to be celebrating you
and your achievements over the years.

50 year class gift

Class of 1970 Endowed Scholarship. The Class of 1970 has an opportunity to come full circle and help deserving students reach their dreams. It is a tradition for the 50-year reunion class to give an anniversary gift to the university.  Our goal is to raise $25,000 or more before December 31, 2021 to set up the Class of 1970 Endowed Scholarship Fund. This endowment will significantly provide for life-enriching experiences for future students. Join your classmates who have already contributed and make your gift today. Click on the green button, select frequency, choose the category Class 50th Anniversary Project Funds, select the fund Class of 1970 50th Fund, enter the amount you wish to donate, provide your personal information and payment information, and follow the prompts.

Class of 1970 Zoom Reunion

Join your classmates for fellowship, laughter, and story-telling.

April 24, 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Memories of the class of 1970

Mountain Ash — 1970

Click on the Mountain Ash pages to turn them and flip through the memories!

Download a PDF of the 1970 Mountain Ash (May take a few minutes to generate)

1970 Walla Walla College Commencement Programs

Photos from the years leading up to graduation

Photos for 50 Year Reunion

Class photos from previous reunions

Class of 1970

Class of 1970 Alumni of the Year

Over the years, four members of the class of 1970 have been honored.

Leonard Harms

Read Leonard's bio

Susan Gardner

Read Susan's bio

Lyle Albrecht

Read Lyle's bio

Doug Clark

Read Doug's bio

1970 Class Roster

First Name Last Name Deceased
Janella Abbey  
Darlene Adonis  
Lyle Albrecht  
Lois Altergott 9/26/04
Eileen Anderson  
Kae Anderson 11/12/05
Leonard Atkins 6/24/07
John Bechtel  
Barbara Bergman  
Gladys Bjerke unknown
Loleta Black 1/1/93
Rosella Blessing  
Lloyd Bolster  
Marlene Bourke-Faustina  
Louise Bozorth  
James Bruce  
Linda Bruce  
Joyce Bryan  
Dwight Buell 9/6/82
Joan Butler  
Wayne Cain  
Maureen Caldwell  
Gaelynn Cecil  
Carol Christensen  
Gary Christenson  
Gary Christenson  
Ray Chung  
Doug Clark  
Duane Clark  
Helen Clough  
Mary Coates  
Larry Coffey  
Richard Coila  
Victor Cook  
Rita Corbett  
Bonnie Creitz  
Larry Crooker  
Elmer Cupino  
Robert Cupino 1/1/84
Harvey Dalke  
Margie Dettwiler  
Don Devon  
Fred Diaz unknown
Steve Dickerson  
Frances Dixon 4/23/03
Cheryl Doebele  
Gary Downs  
Gary Downs  
Lynda DuChene  
Helen Dufur 10/2/15
Jeff Dupee  
John Easton  
Carol Ellstrom  
Keith Ellstrom  
Richard Ernest  
David Escobar  
Larry Evans  
Erwin Farnsworth  
Marillyn Fellows  
Clayton Field 4/3/96
Rose Fischer  
Louis Fisher Jr  
Marian Forschler  
Susan Gardner  
Nancy Gaunt  
Martha Germany  
Maxine Gerst  
Tom Graham  
Bertha Gray 7/13/96
Elaine Green  
Marilyn Greene 11/4/07
Merle Greenway  
Bruce Greer  
Del Griebel  
Cleo Griffith 9/30/92
Yoswa Gwalamubisi 11/5/16
Don Haas  
Charles Hallsted  
Len Harms  
Tom Hergert unknown
Irene Hixson  
Deanne Hoehn  
Connie Holloway  
Marilyn Holloway  
Gerald Holm  
Kathleen Holm  
Ada Holman unknown
Letha Hoos  
Dale Horniachek  
John Houghton  
Yvonne House  
Barbara Humble 1/16/12
Mardelle Jensen  
Donald Johnson  
Ed Johnson  
Jan Johnson  
Suzanne Johnson 7/1/93
Judith Jordan  
Randy Kandt  
James Karmy  
Gordon Keyes  
Bud Kinzer  
Jim Klein Jr  
Daniel Knapp Sr  
Mervin Kneller  
Walt Koch 7/4/01
Judy Krueger  
Asta LaBianca  
Robin Lacey  
Gary LaCom  
Elaine Lamberton  
Barbara Lawson  
John Lawson  
Walter Lea 7/27/70
Cheryl Lindeman  
Lila Lindsay  
Adrienne Lingenfelter 2/10/85
Bill Littlejohn 12/12/19
Candace Lord-Schneider  
Daisy Lydy  
Steven Lyman  
Sukhdev Mathaudhu 10/2/01
Ardis McDonald  
Melanie McDonald  
Michael McDonald  
Edgar McLeod  
Wesley McWilliams 10/7/16
Gil Messenger  
Jerry Meyer  
Rebecca Mohr  
Sheila Moore  
Yvonne Morton  
Caesar Nawalkowski 6/5/16
Jimmie Nelson  
James Newell  
Nancy Newell  
Ed Nystrom  
Sally Olson  
Roger O'Neil  
Marsha Owens-Mott  
Eydie Pahls  
Larry Park  
Kathi Payne  
Shirley Pellow unknown
Patricia Perry  
Linda Peters  
Earlene Peterson  
Shirley Peterson  
Larry Proctor  
Sharon Pryor 4/16/97
Don Quiring 4/1/18
Linda Radke  
Adina Ragenovich  
Iral Ragenovich  
Linda Ras  
Keith Rasmussen  
Karen Reiber 11/9/12
Linda Rhynard-Bruce  
Rae Nadeen Depner Rich  
Keith Riese  
Lester Riter  
Byron Roberts  
Marcia Roberts  
Mark Rockwell  
Michael Ross unknown
Ivan Rouse  
Carol Rue  
Judy Santo 12/14/18
Terry Schlaht  
Willard Schuler  
Melody Schulte  
Max Seachris 7/14/02
Dennis Sellers  
Myren Severin  
Jeannine Shaw 9/15/18
Alice Shelman unknown
Ed Shiroma  
Donald Shumway  
Vinod Singh  
John Spenst  
Ralph Staley  
Donald Stash unknown
Ann A Stentzel  
Chuck Stevens  
Glen Stratemeyer 1/22/10
Kenneth Stream Jr  
Robert Stumph 3/12/19
David Tharp  
Nancy Topham  
Nancy Tucker  
Ted Uren  
Glavaun Vallier  
Peter Van Schaik  
Kathleen Vaughn  
Elfriede Volk  
Melvin Wachtel  
Linda Waggoner  
Dave Wallace 3/1/01
Michael Walter  
James Wasenmiller 3/12/17
Douglas Way  
Sharron Waymire 4/1/07
Delmar Weis  
Miette Wells  
Judy Wiedemann  
Richard Williamson  
Sharon Willis  
Gayle Wilson  
Norman Wilson  
Walter Wilson  
Gary Wolske  
Esther Wood 1/1/85
Dan Woodman  
Ron Woods unknown
Mary Wooley  
Uriah Worth unknown
Virginia Yeh-Ballmann  
Gisela Zinner  

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