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Postponing payments

During difficult economic times as these you may be experiencing financial difficulties, lost wages, unemployment, etc.  Fortunately federal student loans have provisions to offer relief during these times.  Talk to your lender about your options for deferment or forbearance.  You can download deferment forms here or go online and submit them electronically through your lender’s website.

School Deferment – unlimited for at least half-time enrollment at an eligible institution

Economic Hardship – up to 3 years during periods of low wages

Unemployment Deferment – up to 3 years during periods of unemployment

Forbearance – if you don’t qualify for a deferment, ask your lender about forbearance

Mail these forms directly to your lender.  If you need help finding an address, please contact us.

Student Loan Office (800) 656-2333

Last update on February 1, 2018