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Summer Worker Agreement

All summer workers need to sign a Summer Worker Agreement by July 1, 2018. Students renting from the university (residence hall or university housing) must pay any back bill by June 16th and they have two choices regarding summer rent: They can pay their rent for the summer by June 16th, or they can agree to a payroll deduction of at least 75% of their wages to cover their rent, cafeteria and other charges as they occur, and to save for fall quarter expenses. Students not renting from the university are encouraged to voluntarily sign up for a payroll deduction of at least 35% to save for fall quarter expenses. Students with unusual situations can talk to a financial counselor if they want to reduce their minimum payroll deduction. If charges exceed the payroll deduction, students are responsible for paying their account promptly when billed.


Paper forms are available at the Student Employment Office, CTC 307 or an online form is also available.

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Last update on June 6, 2018