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Student resources for employment

Tips for finding a job off-campus

Include Your Resume

  • Keep your resume updated and attach it to job applications. Sometimes your resume will show an employer something more that could help you get the job. 

Search for a Job

  • WWU's Job Scene has off-campus jobs listed, but not all businesses list their job openings with us. Check out the off-campus section for current openings we are aware of.

Places to Look for Off-Campus Jobs

  • Contact some local businesses, like Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen or Andy’s Market, to see if they are hiring, or do an online search


  • Follow application instructions for each business and attach your resume. Follow up with employers to show interest.

The student employment manager is here to help you. For help finding a job or for answers to your questions about student employment, stop by the Student Employment Office located in Canaday Technology Center, room 307.

Or you may contact the Student Employment Office at:
(800) 656-2357 or (509) 527-2357

Stop by the Student Employment Office to receive your complimentary Student Employment Kit for more tips on getting and keeping the right job.

Last update on June 7, 2018