Special circumstances

If your family has unusual circumstances that the FAFSA does not take into account, it may be possible for WWU to do a “professional judgment” to change your eligibility.

Some of the situations WWU can consider:

  • There are other children in elementary or secondary school that parents paid tuition. This is for the same year as the FAFSA data.
  • Has the parents’ combined income decreased, or is expected to decrease, since the year used in the FAFSA?
  • Has the student’s income (or the student and spouse’s combined income, if married) decreased, or is expected to decrease, since the year used in the FAFSA?
  • Are there unusual expenses in your family?
    • DUnusual Circumstances Aid Adjustment Request (PDF)
      • Unusual medical or dental expenses are defined as the amount that exceeds 11% of the parents’ “Income Protection Allowance”
      • Maintaining two households in different cities – document the expense of maintaining the secondary household
      • Unusual dependent care expenses, including eldercare expenses
  • If any of these circumstances occurred, please call 509-527-2315. We’ll talk with you on how to document the change:
    • Parent divorce or marriage since the year of the FAFSA data
    • Parent has gone back to school and has been accepted into a degree program (not just taking occasional classes)
    • Your income changes drastically each year, and you want to request “income averaging”
    • A one-time capital gain, typically from the sale of an asset
    • Parents are unable to provide information. For example, long-term estrangement, incarceration.

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