Student Employment: Getting a college job

Having a job while you are in college helps reduce your student debt, builds your resume and increases your chance of success in college. 

Requirements: To work on campus during the school year, you must take at least 12 credit hours of classes at WWU. For summer employment on campus, you must be enrolled for summer classes or be accepted and pre-registered for at least 12 credit hours of classes at WWU for the fall quarter.

How to get a college job:

Step 1—Find a job opening that matches your skills on Job Scene. 
Job Scene hosts on- and off-campus opportunities for employment and internships. 

Step 2—Fill out an application for your job of choice.
You can apply to multiple positions with one application. Your submitted application will be sent to the Student Employment office and you can request that it be forwarded to the employer(s) of your choice.

Step 3—Complete the required employment documents.
If you have questions, our office would love to help! Call (509) 527-2357.

Step 4—Call, email, or visit the Student Employment office to complete your application process.
The Student Employment office will forward your application to the employer of your choice.

Student employee of the year 2020

Please join the office of Student Employment on congratulating Jasveer Sandhu, a junior and Walla Walla University’s 2020 Student Employee of the Year. 

Jasveer will receive a $2000 scholarship which will be presented at The Awards Ceremony in her honor. She was nominated by her supervisors Herlinda Ruvalcaba and Jerry Entze in the Academic Advisement & Academic Records Department. Runners-up Allison Melgar-Gomez (Student Development Center) and Asher Siapco (Mail Room) will receive $750 scholarships.

Jasveer’s supervisor have this to say about her:

“Jasveer is a strong leader who leads by example. Jasveer trains new student employees in our office and is gentle in her approach. She takes her time to train other employees well and is patient in the process. When Jasveer has a list of tasks she is working on she will always stop what she is doing to help the other worker by answering questions to ensure they are learning their tasks well.”

“Jasveer approaches her duties with a sense of professionalism beyond her years. She assists in maintaining the master schedule, making sure all events happen as smoothly as possible, and aiding our orientation leaders as needed.

2019-2020 Student Employee of the Year nominees



Class standing


Jasveer SandhuAcademic Advisement & Academic RecordsJuniorHerlinda Ruvalcaba & Jerry Entze
Allison Melgar-GomezStudent Development CenterSeniorDavid Lindstrom
Asher SiapcoMailroomJuniorLinda Cowles
Nolan AlinsodGrounds DepartmentJuniorMichael Trethewey
Ryan DanielInformation Technology FreshmanSam Cummings
William HenselInformation TechnologySophomoreSam Cummings
Jordan ManteghiAthletics DepartmentSophomoreLogan Adams
Ryan McMurphyGrounds DepartmentJuniorMichael Trethewey
Sean McMurphyGrounds DepartmentJuniorMichael Trethewey
Victoria PahlerSchool of Social Work and SociologySeniorMarianne Goltz
Nikolas PintosStudent EmploymentSeniorHeidi Lindstrom
Ashley SamuelStudent Development CenterSeniorHeidi Roberts
LilliAnne YarlottStudent Loan CenterSeniorAmanda Fleck

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