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Maximum Aid Available

The following figures represent the maximum amount of aid a student can receive from each source listed and the order in which the aid programs are considered.

Undergraduate Students

(excluding junior and senior nursing students)1





Federal Pell Grant $5,815$5,815$5,815$5,815
Washington State Need Grant 8,5178,5178,5178,517
Entitlements1 / Outside Scholarships
 variesvaries variesvaries
Achievement Scholarship10,00010,0009,000
Out-of-Area Grant1,5001,5001,500
Work Program/ Work-Study3,900
NPUC Grant for on-time files2900900900900
WWU Grant8,5008,5008,500
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan3,5004,5005,5005,500
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan2,0002,0002,0002,000
Work Program/ Work-Study3,9003,9003,900
Federal Perkins or Institutional Loan2,9001,900900900
Addl. Fed Perkins / Inst Loan3300300300300
WWU Grant10,500
SEOG (PELL Eligible only)1,8001,8001,8001,800
1) Scholarships, subsidy, veteran's benefits, etc.
2) Application must be completed by April 30 prior to the school year.

Junior and Senior Nursing Students

Federal Pell Grant $5,815
Washington State Need Grant 8,517
Entitlements1 amount varies
Work Program/Work-Study 3,900
NPUC Grant for on-time files2 900
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan 5,500
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan2,000
WWU Grant 8,500
SEOG (PELL Eligible Only)1,800
Nursing Student Loan33,000
1) Scholarships, subsidy, veteran's benefits, etc.
2) Application must be completed by April 30.
3) When the nursing loan fund is depleted, junior and senior nursing students will be awarded according to junior and senior non-nursing students.

Graduate Students

Entitlements*  amount varies
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan $20,500
WWU Graduate Student Need Grant amount varies

 * Scholarships, veteran's benefits, etc.



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Last update on February 2, 2018