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Fines 2016-17

Fines For Vehicle Code Violations.


Parking on access ramp or in a space designated "Handicapped Parking"


Blocking access to fire lanes, hydrants, loading zones, service areas, trash pickup sites, and other designated areas or obstructing traffic


Parking in a "No Parking" zone or non-parking area


Residence hall residents parking outside of respective residence hall lot


Village residents parking in a residence hall lot


Occupying a parking space for longer than the posted time limit



Any parking violation if fine is paid upon receipt


Any parking violation if fine must be applied to student's school bill



These include but are not limited to speeding, failing to observe a stop sign, driving recklessly, and driving the wrong way on a one-way street.






Any vehicle code violation fine not paid within two weeks of being issued is subject to an additional late-processing fee of $5, which is charged to the student's account along with the fee.

In addition, by failing to pay the fine within two weeks, the student forfeits any right to appeal the charge.

Peterson Memorial Library Charges and Fines

Walla Walla University Libraries are dedicated to serving the information needs of student and faculty by providing equitable access to materials. All borrowers must present a valid WWU ID card to check out library resources and are asked to respect library property and policies. The Libraries' computer system is configured to send automatic courtesy and overdue notices to the borrower's WWU email address. However, it is the borrower's responsibility to monitor their library account for lending information, including items checked out and their due dates. Unless requested by another borrower, renewals are available for most items owned by the WWU Libraries. The Borrower is financially responsible for lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged and will contact the borrower if the item is deemed irreparable.

Unreturned/Damaged Items Owned by WWU Libraries

Once a library material has been overdue for more than 10 days, it is considered lost. Replacement charges and processing fees are charged to the borrower's account at the time in which the library material is officially deemed lost/damaged. Replacement charges will be refunded if a lost item is returned within one quarter of being charged. Regardless of whether payment has been made, library items remain the property of the university. Materials cannot be purchased from the library.

Lost/Unreturned/Damaged items

Non-refundable processing fee per item

$15 per item

Most books and Summit items

$75 per item (minimum)

Most periodicals

$20 per issue (minimum)

Audio/Visual Media$250
Tablets, Laptop & Media Equipment$2,000

Current cost of the item(s)

*Books, periodicals, or A/V media may necessitate a higher replacement fee depending on the cost of the item.


Summit items are borrowed through Walla Walla University's partnership with other libraries in the Orbis Cascade Alliance. Lost or irreparably damaged Summit items have a replacement fee of $90. This will be refunded if a lost item is returned before it is processed through Summit's Annual Account Reconciliation (AAR).

Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loans (ILL) offer access to materials not currently available within the Walla Walla University Library collections. Most ILLs may be acquired without additional charges to the student. In a situation where an item may only be acquired with a cost or copyright fees are required by law, the student will be notified and have the option to charge these costs to their WWU account.

There are additional fees for overdue ILL items as those resources should be returned promptly to continue a good relationship with the lending institution.

Any lost or damaged ILL items are subject to the replacement costs set by the lending library.

Interlibrary Loans Charges & Fees

Non-Refundable Processing Fee


Overdue Interlibrary loan items

$1 per day in addition to any charges assessed by the lending institution

Failure to pick up Interlibrary loan items


Lost or Damaged Interlibrary loan items

Determined by the lending institution

Interlibrary Loan Requests

Determined by the lending institution

Additional Overdue Fine

Determined by the lending institution

Other University Fines

Falsely setting off a fire alarm


Setting off an explosive device


Damaging a room

Varies with damage

Failure to return residence hall/mailbox key (Meske)


Failure to return mailbox key


Failure to return non-residence hall key


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