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Cafeteria Expenses 2017-18

Residence Hall Students

If you live in a residence hall, you are required to choose a cafeteria meal plan each quarter. You can choose from six plans:

          Quarterly Cafeteria Plan Options

Meal Plan

Cafeteria Meals

Flex Dollars

Cost per Quarter


19 meals per week



Platinum Flex

15 meals per week

$160 per term



15 meals per week



Gold Flex

12 meals per week

$110 per term



10 meals per week



Silver Flex

8 meals per week

$85 per term


The Gold Flex Plan is the default meal plan, but students may change their meal plan within the first 10 days of a quarter. Meals do not carry from week to week.

Flex dollars work like a pre-paid debit card and are extra dollars that can be used throughout the quarter in the cafeteria or Student Association Center (SAC). A Student can also save them up just in case they run out of meals in their selected Plan. The SAC takes either cash or flex dollars. Flex dollars do carry over from week to week, but not from one quarter to another. Should a student use all their Flex dollars, they are able to change purchases to their student account.

Students will have two free meals per quarter at the Cafe that can be used when family or friends visit. Guests may pay with cash or a credit card at the time of purchase.

Student can only use one of their meals at each meal time. Additional meals at the same meal time are counted as quests. 

Village students may select a meal plan or pay for purchases with their ID card, cash, or credit card.

Your Walla Walla University Student ID card serves as your meal card.

Meal plans include flex dollars that work as a "declining balance," similar to how a debit card works. If you use all of your flex dollars or do not have a meal plan with flex dollars, you can also use your meal card to purchase items on credit. These items are charged as "inclining balance," similar to how a credit card works and the charges are added to your student account at WWU. Flex dollars carry over from week to week within the quarter, but not from one quarter to another. 

On myWWU, you can see your remaining meals and flex dollars, as well as your purchase history.

For more information, visit WWU Dining Services.

Last update on February 22, 2018