WWU's Top 10 finance questions with helpful answers from Student Financial Services.

BankMobile is a financial institution WWU partners with to process our payment disbursements/refunds to students. See more information about BankMobile. WWU highly recommends that students choose either paper check or direct deposit to avoid incurring any fees.

Meal plans cover costs for your food from the cafeteria. Three meal plans are available for you to choose from depending on the number of meals you want each week—Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You may also add "Flex Dollars" to a meal plan that can be accepted at the Student Association Center and the cafeteria. Go to your myWWU account, select PeopleSoft Student Center, Main Menu, Self Service, and forms to choose the plan that best meets your needs.

Start by checking Job Scene to see some of the jobs that are available. Then, complete an employment application thru myWWU. You can request your application be forwarded to the departments you're interested in. See Student Employment (upstairs CTC Room 307) for assistance with your job hunt.

Each quarter, all students go through “financial clearance” to make sure all required documents have been completed, and any down payment for the new quarter has been paid. Complete the financial clearance process online through myWWU. You will be asked to confirm your housing, meal plan, and answer several “permission” questions. Read each page carefully. If you need to make a payment, you’ll see a link to our online payment screens. You may also pay with a personal check or cash at the WWU Accounting Office. You’ll see “Bouncing Ben” when you finish financial clearance.

Statements are generated by the 10th of each month. Students have access to an electronic copy, and can receive one copy by mail. Students can also authorize other people, such as parents or sponsors, to receive a statement by mail or see their financial information online. Payments are due by the 25th of each month. Your statement will tell you the balance due and minimum payment expected. Finance charges are assessed on past due accounts.

You may go here to see more information. You can also go directly here to make a payment. Although there is a convenience fee charge for payments by credit card, they offer several free options, such as payment by electronic check and debit card. At the Accounting Office (103 SW 4th St) you may pay by cash or check, and receive a receipt. You may also leave a check at Student Financial Services (CTC 307) but no receipt is issued.

We will only talk about your financial information (student account transactions, financial aid, etc.) with people you have specifically authorized to talk to. You can change your permissions at any time. Note: these are different than the permissions you give to people for your payments to payment.wallawalla.edu. For more information on making payments, please see our Payment System FAQ.

ID card printing will be available in Sittner and Foreman lobbies on Sunday before JumpStart. You can also come to the Academic Records Office (CTC Room 311) during JumpStart. Be sure to bring a picture ID.

After you receive financial clearance and all of your "holds" are removed, finalize your enrollment in myWWU. You will work your way through several confirmation screens, and then you will see an animated character called the “Jumping Einstein.” Only when you see the “Jumping Einstein” will your ID card be validated. Then, you can use it to pay for textbooks at the University Bookstore, purchase food and gas at the Express, pay for food at the cafeteria, check out library books, access gym facilities, and gain free admittance to certain WWU events. Students who live in a residence hall will use their ID card for building access.

"Blessed are the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:1

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