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Your guide to Walla Walla University

These live presentations and workshops are designed to help you feel prepared and ready to start your college experience at Walla Walla University. We believe that God has big plans for you and if WWU is part of those plans, we want to do everything we can to help you feel prepared so you will have a smooth transition to college life.

If you have questions about anything in the enrollment and registration process, you can call (800) 541-8900 or email

How to Pay for College

If you, or someone you know, is about to begin the college search, you may have questions about financial aid. This live presentation will cover the process of applying for financial aid to most college and universities, grants, scholarships, and affordability of a Christian education. Learn more now about how to make a Walla Walla University education a reality for you.

Financial clearance

Each quarter, all students go through a process called financial clearance. The first time you go through this process, it can be a little overwhelming. Join us for a live presentation (with a time for you to ask questions!) as we walk you through the financial clearance process step-by-step and provide helpful tips along the way.

Most students will be able to complete their financial clearance right along with the presenter and get this step of the enrollment process checked off their to-do list.

Residential housing:
Living @ WWU

For many students, living in a residence hall is a new experience. Even if you've toured our campus, or lived in a residence hall before, you may have questions about residence hall life. How big are the rooms? What's provided in a room? Is there a curfew? What are the worship requirements? Where do I eat? What are the meal plans? How do I get permission to live outside a residence hall? How do I sign up for a room? Who is my roommate? Can I room alone? I'm married, what are my options? What houses are available for rent? 

Preparing for fall quarter

New students (and their parents!) often have a lot of questions before school starts and we want to make sure you get answers! In this live presentation we'll cover our most commonly asked questions and give you the opportunity to ask your own. You may find answers to questions you didn't even realize you had!

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