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2017 Off-campus Programs and Tours

The following study opportunities are available at locations other than the College Place campus in the summer of 2017. Students are encouraged to apply early to the desired program or tour, as enrollments are limited. Financial clearance and registration must be arranged in advance of study tours.

Bible Lands Study Tour

Travel Dates:               June 25–July 21, 2017                         Cost:    $5,550 plus airfare

Director:                      Dr. Carl P. Cosaert, School of Theology

Course dates are June 25–August 11, with advance assignments before the tour begins and time commitment for completion of coursework afterward. Students will explore the spiritual roots of the Christian faith as they travel to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, and Greece. The tour begins in Egypt, focusing on the Exodus as well as other Biblical stories in the ancient land. The tour continues in Jordan and Israel, focusing on the life of Jesus as well as the messages of the Old Testament prophets while visiting Petra, the Dead Sea, Galilee, and Jerusalem. The tour concludes in Turkey and Greece, following the missionary travels of the apostle Paul in ancient sites such as Ephesus, Laodicea, Colossae, and the apostle John’s exile on the Island of Patmos. For further information, contact Dr. Carl Cosaert, e-mail All students must register for RELB 474, as well as one additional course chosen from the options listed below. Successful completion of these courses will provide eight credits toward the general studies religion requirement.

RELH 205 - Biblical Archaeology - 4 cr  (Cosaert)
RELT 202 - Christian Beliefs - 4 cr (Thomas)
RELB 304 - Hebrew Prophets - 4 cr (Thomas)
RELB 474 - Study Tour: The Holy Land and Its Peoples - 4 cr (Cosaert) Required 

Shakespeare at Ashland

Dates:                          August 14–18, 2017                            Cost:    $1,550 including tuition

Director:                       Ron Jolliffe, English Department

Students will attend lectures/discussions and performances of Shakespeare plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. They will do online assignments on each play in advance and will turn in a five-page paper within two weeks afterward. For further information, contact Ron Jolliffe Students must register by June 30.

ENGL 360 - Shakespeare at Ashland - 2 cr (Jolliffe & Clausen-Brown)

East Coast Study Tour

Dates:                          June 22-29, 2017                            Cost:    $4,350 including tuition

Director:                       Emily Tillotson, Sociology Department

Students will tour Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. The study tour will highlight the immigration experiences of many ethnic groups. This will include visits to Ellis Island and ethnic enclaves along the east coast. For further information, contact Emily Tillotson or Cheris Current

SOCI 420 - Immigration and Identity (GS) - 4 cr  (Current)
SOCI 394 - Directed Reading - 2 cr (Tillotson) 


Portland Campus Nursing Program (June 19-August 25)


Montana Social Work Program (June 22–August 14)

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