JumpStart 2020: online

We are so excited to welcome you to the Walla Walla University family! To get to know you better and to help ensure that your college experience starts off on the right foot, we've created JumpStart, our freshman orientation week designed to help you learn about how WWU works and where you can find the resources that will help you be successful during your time here. You'll be able to complete the process fully online—and this is where to start!

If you have ANY questions at all during your orientation experience let us know—this week is all about how we can help you get familiar with campus processes and procedures and set you up for success. Reach out at jumpstart@wallawalla.edu or call (509) 527-2491.

Getting started: Brightspace

Everything you need to know about JumpStart—your schedule, how to access live events via Teams, required online modules—is all in our learning management system: Brightspace by D2L. (Fun fact: D2L stands for "Desire 2 Learn.") Remember, to get credit for JumpStart you must complete all the online modules and attend required live events. 

Time zones: All the times for live events are listed in Pacific Time. If you are in a drastically different time zone that might make you miss a required event, email advise1@wallawalla.edu ahead of time to make arrangements for your situation. Convert Pacific Time to your time zone

Quick tips and FAQs for new students

Orientation Resources

Parent Resources


Jerry Entze
JumpStart Coordinator
(509) 527-2491
Canaday Technology Center Room 311