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Using Reserves for your classes

Check availability of resources. Check Research Central--the WWU catalog--and Periodicals A to Z list to ensure a title is available before preparing an assignment. Students become frustrated when journals or books listed on an assignment are not available through print or electronic format at the library.

If you cannot locate appropriate materials, contact Christy Scott, Education Services (CLEAR) Librarian or Richard Scott, Outreach & Liaison Services (CLEAR) Librarian.  They are happy to sit down with you and work on the assignment, suggesting additional titles that may be useful. For more contact information see

Reserve titles with high demand. If your class is large and the resources on the topic may be limited, please place a list on reserve. Even if you do not believe every student in the class needs to look at every title, anxious, motivated, or competitive students may check out all of the titles on a topic, thus making success more difficult for their classmates.

Requesting a Reserve Title

Fill out a Reserve Request Form.

Find the item. You should present the desired book(s) or article(s) with the Reserve Request Form to the Public Services Manager via the Library Information Desk.  Note that Reserve items may include library materials as well as items from your personal library. Note: Should you choose to put a personal item on reserve, the library will add a permanent barcode to the item. 

Obtain Permissions. Permission from the publisher must be obtained for articles on reserve for multiple quarters. The publisher's letter must accompany any article being placed on reserve for a second or subsequent time.

Questions? Contact our Public Services Manager at or at ext. 2191. 

Last update on February 13, 2019