Request Information Literacy Instruction

Invite a librarian into your class to teach Information Literacy. What is Information Literacy? It is the ability of a person to find and use information.  This encompasses the ability to recognize a need for information and the capability to find and evaluate sources.  But it does not stop there.  It also means knowing how to use sources to create and effectively communicate knowledge.  Librarians have special training in teaching these concepts. 

Some of the things that a class session can do is:


  • Enable students to find library resources for class assignments.
  • Develop students’ critical thinking and evaluative abilities.
  • Acquaint students with whom to ask for help in the library and encourage them to do so.
  • Integrate course content with information literacy skills. The librarian will connect the objectives for the class to the professor’s assigned coursework.

How to make the instruction session successful

  • Discuss your assignment and course objectives with the librarian.
  • Have students working on topics so that they can apply the new concepts right away.
  • Attend the session yourself so you know what they have been taught. Your presence also underscores the importance of the concepts covered.

To schedule library instruction:

  • Contact Annette Melgosa at least one week in advance.
  • Contact Ray Betz to schedule a computer lab for the instruction if the class is to meet in a lab. Large group instruction is not available in the library. Meeting in a computer lab allows students to see search demonstrations performed and then immediately apply the skills to their own searches.

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