Collection Development Services

  • The library book budget is divided among the departments. Check with your Department Chair or Dean to find out how much your department has allocated for you to spend on your courses.
  • Faculty requests must be approved by the department chair and submitted to Mark Copsey, Technical Services Librarian, for ordering and processing.
  • To inquire regarding the amount currently in your departmental book fund contact June Waggoner.
  • Librarians know the library collection and are experienced in teaching students to find resources. Their expertise, combined with the in-depth subject knowledge of the professor, is important in book selection. Upon request, librarians can prepare a list of recommended books and other resources for a specific topic. The faculty member may then choose which materials they wish to have the library purchase with the faculty member's departmental funds. Remember, the library needs the approval of the department chair or dean before it can purchase the materials. Contact Annette Melgosa if you wish us to develop such a list.
  • The library can provide you with a copy of the Collection Development Policy if you wish. 

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