New Materials

Children’s Literature

IM 371.9 M615

Miller, Kelli

Thriving with ADHD

IM 813 P219 m

Park, Linda Sue

Project Mulberry

IM 813 W868 b

Woodson, Jacqueline

Before the Ever After

IM 973.3 L578

Levin, Jack E.

George Washington, the Crossing

IM B Ad36 a

Adewumi, Tanitoluwa

Tani’s New Home

IM B G764 mo

Mosca, Julia Finley

Girl Who Thought in Pictures

IM B M725 j

Jamieson, Victoria

When Stars Are Scattered

IM B Oc3 m

Mosca, Julia Finley

Astronaut with a Song for the Stars

IM JL D685

Dolan, Francie

Meeting Mimi

IM JL L6456

Lindstrom, Carole

We Are Water Protectors

IM JL N232

Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris


IM JL N3385

Nelson, Victoria

Hiya Moriah

IM JL P756 s

Polacco, Patricia

Sticks and Stones

IM JL So785

Sotomayor, Sonia

Just Ask


Underwood, Deborah

Outside In

IM JL V583

Verde, Susan

Water Princess


Professional Literature

IM/PL 371.26 D664

Dodge, Judith

25 Quick Formative Assessments for a Differentiated Classroom

IM/PL 371.3 C23

Carr, Mary Ann

Differentiation Made Simple

IM/PL 371.9 M316

Mannix, Darlene

Life Skills Activities for Special Children

IM/PL 371.9 R182

Rapp, Whitney

Picture Inclusion!

IM/PL 371.94 P271

Paradiz, Valerie

Lesson Plan a la Carte

IM/PL 510.71 N213 p

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics



IM RM 310 N-04

Creative Minds

Friends with Diverse Abilities

IM RM 310 N-09

Learning Resources

Conversation Cubes

IM RM 310 N-10

Key Education

Photo Conversation Cards



IM/TB 372.4 K339 cb2

Kendall Hunt

Heroes, Odd Boy Out, DLG

IM/TB 372.4 K339 cc2

Kendall Hunt

My World, On the Same Day in March, DLG

IM/TB 372.4 K339 cg2

Kendall Hunt

Environment, Me…Jane, DLG

IM/TB 372.4 K339 ec2

Kendall Hunt

My World, A Boy Named Beckoning, DLG

IM/TB 372.4 K339 gc2

Kendall Hunt

My World, If You Lived Here, DLG

IM/TB 372.4 K339 ib2

Kendall Hunt

Heroes, Noah Webster, DLG

IM/TB 372.4 K339 ic2

Kendall Hunt

My World, I Am Malala, DLG

IM/TB 372.43 B738 a

Braun, Hannah

Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia

IM/TB 372.43 B738 b

Braun, Hannah

Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia, Vol. 2

IM/TB 372.634 St26

Stanton, Lidia

Which Way?


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