New Materials

IM/MS 370.11 W633

Widder, Richard A.

Forest and the Trees

IM/MS 370.15 Sp33

Spencer, John


IM/MS 371.102 L511

Lee, David

Design Thinking in the Classroom

IM/MS 371.102 P837

Portnoy, Lindsay

Designed to Learn

IM/MS 371.2 G135

Gallagher, Alyssa

Design Thinking for School Leaders

IM/MS 371.2 G135 d

Gallagher, Alyssa

Design Thinking in Play

IM/MS 371.3 B653

Boss, Suzie

Project Based Teaching

IM/MS 371.36 J942

Juliani, A. J.

PBL Playbook

IM/MS 371.39 M148

DcDowell, Michael

Rigorous PBL by Design

IM/MS 372.35 B963

Bush, Sarah B.

Step into STEAM

IM/MS 372.35 P874

Powers, Michelle

STEAM Design Challenges

IM/MS 375 D789

Drake, Susan M.

Creating Standards-Based Integrated Curriculum

IM/MS 375 F687

Fogarty, Robin

How to Integrate the Curricula

IM/MS 375. D789 m

Drake, Susan M.

Meeting Standards Through Integrated Curriculum

IM/MS 379.1 Sch34

Schimmer, Tom

Standards-Based Learning in Action

IM/MS 741.6 G569

Goldman, Shelley, ed.

Taking Design Thinking to School.


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