New Materials

Children’s Literature

IM 005.1 C58 b

Cleary, Brian P.

Bugs That Make Your Computer Crawl

IM 005.1 C58 y

Cleary, Brian P.

You Can’t Dance to These Rhythms

IM 005.2 C58 t

Cleary, Brian P.

This Python Isn’t a Snake

IM 005.4 C58 n

Cleary, Brian P.

Nothing Loopy About This

IM 320 So12

Sobel, Syl

How the U.S. Government Works

IM 324.6 Sh17

Shamir, Ruby

What’s the Big Deal About Elections

IM 332.4 C58

Cleary, Brian

Dollar, a Penny, How Much and How Many?

IM 363.7 W734

Winter, Jeanette

Our House Is on Fire

IM 500.2 B28

Barss, Patchen

Flow, Spin, Grow

IM 513.26 C58

Cleary, Brian

Fraction’s Goal – Parts of a Whole

IM 529 C58

Cleary, Brian

Second, a Minute, a Week with Days in It

IM 813 G462 vb

Glaser, Karina Yan

Vanderbeekers to the Rescue

IM 813 K334 d

Kendall, Jodi

Dog Days in the City

IM 975 So68

Sorell, Traci

We Are Grateful

IM 978 T811

Tudor, Aslan

Young Water Protectors

IM B B261 w

Wallace, Sandra Neil

Between the Lines

IM B G317 b

Bardoe, Cheryl

Nothing Stopped Sophie

IM B J633 b

Becker, Helaine

Counting on Katherine

IM B M76 m

Mosca, Julia Finley

Girl with a Mind for Math

IM JL B3803 s

Beaty, Andrea

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

IM JL P4423

Peterson, Brenda

Wild Orca

IM/AL 813 D33

Day Christine

I Can Make This Promise

IM/AL 813 W232

Warga, Jasmine

Other Words for Home

Professional Literature

IM/PL 371.334 L228 a

Lanclos, Patsy

iLearn iTeach Apps for iPad

IM/PL 371.334 L228 p

Lanclos, Patsy

iLearn iTeach Powerful Utilities for the iPad

IM/PL 371.26 D868

Dueck, Myron

Grading Smarter Not Harder

IM/PL 371.36 M867

Moursund, David

Project-Based Learning…Using Information Technology

IM/PL 371.39 T597 a

Tomlinson, Carol Ann

Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated…


IM/TB 910 M178 jb


Geography, TE

IM/TB 973 M178 jb2


United States History and Geography, TE

IM/TB 372.35 P317 hb2


Elevate Science – Physical, TE

IM/TB 613.07 Se82


Live Healthy, Be Happy

IM/TB 330 M178 jb


Understanding Economics, TE

IM/TB 320 M178 jb


United Stated Government, Our Democracy TE

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