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New Materials

IM 513.2 Ad59 m

Adler, David A.

Money Math

IM 513.26 Ad59 f

Adler, David A.

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

IM 513.26 Ar41

Arias, Lisa

Dandy Decimals

IM 516 B5786

Blaisdell, Molly

If You Were a Quadrilateral

IM 516 N398 m

Neuschwander, Cindy

Mummy Math

IM 537 P228

Parker, Steve

Electricity [Eyewitness]

IM 537 W529

Westrup, Hugh


IM 621.3 N981

Nydal Dahl, Øyvind

Electronics for Kids

IM 621.39 SL15

Slater, Lindsay

Playing with Makey Makey

IM 623.8 N711

Nolan, Janet

Seven and a Half Tons of Steel

IM 720 M618

Miller, Shannon M.

Building Mission

IM 725.97 C761

Conley, Kate

Engineering the Space Needle

IM 782.4 C169

Canyon, Christopher

John Denver’s Country Roads, Take Me Home

IM 782.4 F875

Freed, Arthur

Singing in the Rain

IM 782.4 N839

Norworth, Jack

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

IM 782.4 T688 h

Trapani, Iza

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window

IM 782.4 T688 m

Trapani, Iza

Mary Had a Little Lamb

IM 784.19 C323

Ceceri, Kathy

Musical Inventions

IM 784.19 P977

Purton, Michael

I Can Make Music

IM 791.8 N338

Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux

Let ‘er Buck!

IM 813 B6447

Borden, Louise

Across the Blue Pacific

IM 813 K334


Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City

IM 813 W648 v.1

Wiley, Jesse

Race to Chimney Rock

IM 813 W648 v.2

Wiley, Jesse

Danger at the Haunted Gate

IM 813 W648 v.3

Wiley, Jesse

Search for Snake River

IM 813 W648 v.4

Wiley, Jesse

Road to Oregon City

IM 910 H191

Handicott, Ben

Atlas of Adventures, Wonders of the World

IM 932 H759

Honovich, Nancy

1,000 Facts About Ancient Egypt

IM 951 B735

Brandscombe, Allison

All About China

IM 952 M787

Moore, Willamarie

All About Japan

IM 959.3 R912

Russell, Elaine

All About Thailand

IM 959.9 J564

Jimenez, Gidget R.

All About the Philippines

IM JL B5615

Blackall, Sophie

Hello Lighthouse

IM JL B645

Borden, Louise

Sleds on Boston Common

IM JL C912

Cummings, Troy

Can I Be Your Dog?

IM JL H389 p

Henkes, Kevin

Parade of Elephants


Heos, Bridget


IM JL K451


I Walk with Vanessa

IM/AL 813 M468

Medina, Meg

Merci Suárez Changes Gears

Last update on May 9, 2019