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Visor Die

The visor die (AccuCut V1200J) can offer endless opportunities for your students' creativity. The visor itself can be made of cardstock or foam. Then use other die cuts to embellish the visor.
Try turning the visor upside down to create different looks, such as crowns or helmets, as shown here.
With a mini flower for its head, this visor became a hen.
The end of the visor can be the handle for a tool, in this case, a paintbrush.
The symmetrical shape seems just right for another purse. An easier version could be made by eliminating the gusset.
Using half a visor, you can make a cornucopia for Thanksgiving. Add a full fraction circle for the opening. Fill it with small fruit and vegetable shapes.
This bowl was made from the "throw-away" part left after making a visor.
To make this turtle, fold a 12" x 18" sheet of construction paper in half. Place the paper edge opposite the fold on the brim of the die, with the visor ends pointing toward the fold. Cut. Use a small mitten die cut (AccuCut 1200S) for the head. Trim the visor ends to look like feet. Glue the two "shell" portions together, slipping the head into place and attaching a tail. Decorate with a shell pattern. Fold back the legs on each side and your turtle will be able to stand.
Now for the piece left over from the turtle. (You were wondering why the fold had to be on a particular side, right?) Trim off the knob on one end. Make a foil cap for the other end. Decorate your giant tree ornament as desired.
Last update on January 20, 2016