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Stained Glass Background Die

This shape, cut from fabric, could be used to make potholders, especially the style of the double-ended oven mitt. It could also be used to make the often spoofed, classic tuxedo front or dickey. Paper shingles from this die could be used for roofing a building in a set for a play.  Use your imagination and see what else you can do with the stained glass background die.

The jumbo stained glass background die (AccuCut S1976J) can be used for a variety of projects.
As an art project, scribble inside the shape and color. Illustrate a Bible story with stained glass type art. Cover with small cut pieces of tissue paper. Thin plastic sheets can be cut with the die and colored with overhead markers for a realistic window effect.
The shape also lends itself well to making the Ten Commandments tablets.
Compose headstones for famous people or oneself. Attach a folded triangle to the back to make it stand.
For this bag, sheets of foam were cut. They were sewn together with yarn and a bent paper clip. Color markers were used on the white foam. The two pieces were sewn so that the curve is the fringe on the front and the flap on the back. Decorate with real feathers or some die cut ones (AccuCut F1100L).
This purse also uses two sheets of foam. The front piece was cut about three inches shorter, along the straight edge. The back piece was placed over the die a second time, but rotated 180 degrees so that both ends are curved. A straight flap would have worked, also. The flap is secured with a piece of yard tied in a bow.
A shape book can be made by cutting two covers and as many pages as you would like. You can use the shape vertically or horizontally, of course. Would you like a flap book? Fold over the rounded ends and hide pictures or words underneath. Then the child can predict and open the flap to see what is there.
Make an envelope by folding in thirds and gluing the straight edges together. Half a sheet of paper fits nicely between the glued edges. Thanks TJ.
To make a petal envelope, use a twelve inch square piece of paper. Fold into fourths. Center the closed point 6.5 inches from the top curve and cut. Fold each flap toward the middle and lap the last petal.
Don't throw away the edges. They can be used as mats to frame students' artwork.
A woven heart can be made with two pieces. If you would like the basket version of the woven heart, cut two pieces of folded paper with the folds just above the bottom cutting line.
Last update on August 3, 2015