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Puppet Body Die

The puppet body die (AccuCut P1800J) can be used to make inexpensive puppets. This dinosaur was made with foam, with scales inserted in slits down its back and tail. It turned out to be too stiff for adult hands to manipulate.
This simple little dog puppet was made to go with the book "Bark George" by Jules Feiffer. The felt body was sewn on a sewing machine. The ears were stapled in place.
These felt people were colored with markers. It doesn't take much time and would be easy for children to do. Just sew up the pieces ahead of time and they are ready to decorate.
These felt puppets have removable clothing. Since the puppet body is so flexible, the clothing pulls on easily, without the need for fasteners. With a few simple garments, puppets you already have can be transformed into Bible characters.

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Last update on August 3, 2015