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Mask Die

Make a mask (AccuCut M1054J) to go with a book. This mask uses some feathers (AccuCut F1100L) to go with "Behind the Mask" by Ruth Heller.
A black cat mask is made with just a few whiskers and some ears.
A brown bear face will go with many different titles, but is shown here with "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin, Jr.
A beak can be added to the mask to make a totem pole face.
Replace one circle in the hole and laminate the mask. Draw a 'greater than' sign on one side and a 'lesser than' sign on the other. It may help to write the words that go with each symbol. Students can practice having the head eat the larger number.
Again, fill in one eye hole. Now you have an artist's palette.
Save the little circles for making number arrays and coins.
A folded paper, placed on a curve of the mask die and trimmed on the top and bottom, can make an attractive vase.
For a large butterfly, fold a paper in half and place over the die with the fold inside the large curve and slightly higher on one side. This will make the lower wings appear smaller. Fill in the holes with another color. The body and antennae are also made from folded paper on parts of the mask die. The small holes could be used to hang your butterfly from the ceiling.
Last update on August 3, 2015