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Ice Cream Cone Die

The ice cream cone die (AccuCut I1000L) can be used as a fun matching exercise for math and other subjects. Put answers on the scoops and problems on the cones. Don't forget double-dip cones as a possibility.
Make a small shape book by cutting one set from heavy brown paper. On the back, tape the scoop to the cone. Cut additional scoops for the pages and staple to the base.
Using the paper doll fold, cut strings of scoops to make a border for a bulletin board.
Fold paper into sixths (see images in Fish Die page). Place the folded point inside the cone section and cut. The points of the cone become points of a star.
On a slight angle, trim off the bottom of a scoop. Draw in a head, feet, and tail. Decorate your turtle's back.
Trim off the top and bottom of a scoop to form a small flower pot (Flowers-Mini #4 AccuCut F1434).
Make a full skirt for Jill's Paper Doll #2 (AccuCut P2031L, shown here with the shirt from AccuCut P2006L).
The clouds and sun were both made with the scoop. (Other pieces are Horse #3 AccuCut 1402L and Tree #3 AccuCut C1900S.)
Extra cone shapes can be taped onto a headband to make a crown for the birthday child. Make it all green for a Statue of Liberty crown.
Upside down, the die will make a cute animal wearing a party hat. You could write problem on the backs of the faces and answers on the hats. Students could then match up the hats to the bears. To make a self-checking game, attach one hat to each bear. Staple a second hat on each bear to cover the answer. Lift the cover to check the answer.
Last update on August 3, 2015