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Fishbowl Die

The jumbo fishbowl die (AccuCut F1240J) works nicely with mini fish. We use the small fish on the die Fish and Loaves (F1199).
This bowl and fish are cut from vinyl. They can be used on a whiteboard. A washable marker can be used to write on the bowl and fish. Use the fish and bowl as a matching exercise. With two bowls, you can make a sorting exercise. The same pieces may be used as a scoring device.
Store your vinyl clings in plastic report covers. Place a piece of paper in the middle to make sure the clings stick only on one side of the cover. This also allows you to stick clings on both halves inside the cover.
The fishbowl die will make an attractive cookie jar. Place a file folder on the die so that the fold is slightly above the base cutting line. The fold should not be cut, since you will not want your cookies to fall out.
Cut two more bowls from regular paper. Fold and glue them inside the bowl, so your cookies can't fall out the sides of the bowl. Fill the cookie jar with laminated paper cookies, any flavor. You can use small animal die cuts, or cut pictures from magazines and glue them to card stock. Write questions on the cookies and students take turns removing a cookie and answering the questions. Write a questions on half the cookies and answers on the other half. Put the answers on a plate. Students draw a question from the jar and find the match on the plate.
Use the fishbowl shape to cut a black cauldron. Cut water, stones, and vegetables to illustrate Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. Children may add the pieces to the cut-away view of the cauldron, at the appropriate time in the story. If you glue the water around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open, you can use it for a pocket to hold the smaller pieces.
Cut two flower pots and glue around the edges to form a pocket. Decorate the flower pot as desired. Cut flowers and stems and insert in the pocket. Problems may be written on the flowers and answers on the stems. Students check their answers by removing a flower to read the answer. If the device is laminated first, you may write on the pieces with a washable pen and reuse for different subjects.
To make a clutch purse with the fishbowl die, first cut a piece of foam or fabric. Then fold the cut piece in half horizontally. Sew up the sides with a tapestry needle or a large bent paper clip. Cut two "clasps" from a contrasting color. Put rubber cement on clasps and the top of the purse. Allow to dry. Press the pieces into place.
If you would like to be able to open the purse wider, you may try adding a gusset. You can also add a fabric hook-and-loop fastener on the inside.
Use the fishbowl as a template for masks. Trim off all or part of the rim and base. Draw on the face and cut holes for the eyes and mouth. Attach some elastic to each side.
Cut the fishbowl in half and fill with ice cream scoops. Write questions on the scoops and have students take turns answering them. Provide the students with a paper cone shape for holding the ice cream.
For this fruit bowl, cut a whole fishbowl. Then draw an arc through the middle and cut. Glue the two pieces together, as shown, to form a pocket to hold fruits, ice cream, etc. Use as a sorting device, quiz bowl, or motivational visual. A fruit can be added for each "Fruit of the Spirit" that is studied.
Last update on August 3, 2015