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Doghouse Die

The lowly doghouse (AccuCut D1048L) can be the starting point for a study of architecture through the ages and around the world.
Using a paper doll fold, you can make a Roman aqueduct or the coliseum. Place the straight edge below the roof line. Trim the "legs" as desired.
Trim off the roof and use a comb binding edge to make the parapet of a medieval castle.
Here is an Asian inspired gateway. Google on famous arches, such as the Arc de Triumph, Arch of Hadrian, Arch of Titus, Marble Arch, and Victory Arch of Constantine as you continue your study of architecture.
Cut pictures of spelling words from an old spelling book. Glue a picture on each doghouse. Tape the doorway on the back. Cover with a piece of paper. Write the spelling of the word inside the door. Students can practice their words and self-check.
Make a quick arrow to point the way.
The doghouse could be the theme for a cloth or paper quilt. Blocks could be alternated with pictures of dogs drawn by the students.
This arrangement would allow room for a small dog in the middle of each block. For a game using the doghouse and a dog die cut, see the page "Games Using Die Cuts."
Last update on August 3, 2015