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Cracked Egg Die

You might wonder about how versatile a cracked egg die can be. Below are a few ideas on how to use cracked egg die cuts (AccuCut E1000L).
You can use the cracked egg as a two-piece puzzle. Match contractions and the root words, or possessives and their meanings, or math problems and answers.
A small chick (Accucut C1700S) will fit inside the large cracked egg, if you bend up the feet. This egg was cut on a double folded piece of card stock, so that it can stand. The chick inside also had a double fold on its feet to make it stand. Tape the tops of the cuts together. You might also try a small dinosaur inside the egg. You could make "Resurrection Eggs" by putting inside Bible texts and small pictures to describe Jesus' death and resurrection.
Using a folded paper over one-third of the egg, you can make an oval. Then cut some partial ends to make an egg cup. Match the oval egg to its correct egg cup.
Make tulips with one or both parts of the cracked egg. Paste small pictures from an old spelling or phonics book on the flowers and write the words on the stems. Put the flowers in a vase for students to practice their words and self-check their answers.
Draw a face on both sides of the two-toothed part. When teaching the greater than and less than symbols, let the students feed the bigger number to the open mouth.
Fold a piece of paper into sixths, as when you make a snowflake. Have the point outside the three-toothed part's curve. Fill the center with a circle cut (Fraction Circle Whole AccuCut CD110L) and you have sun for the bulletin board.
A different colored center and a stem will make a sunflower.
To make a star, fold a piece of paper into sixths. Place the point on the large center "tooth" with the bulk of the paper over the egg half that as a "V" in the middle. You may find the the waste part is also an attractive shape.
Last update on August 3, 2015