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The jumbo badge (AccuCut B1030J) is shown here with Psalm 28:7 which says God is my shield.
Make a shape book for students to record their thoughts about a field trip to the police station.
The badge is a good shape for road signs or shape books about U.S. sites along certain transportation routes.
Students can create their own coats of arms. Have the students divide the shape into parts and draw symbols of what is important to them.
Trim some from the top and the bottom and you will have a cauldron. Flames were made with petals and leaves from the Iris stencil (AccuCut I1065L).
To make a vase, place a piece of folded paper over the curved side. Trim top and bottom as desired. Flowers could have pictures of spelling words or math problems. Students could check their answers by removing the flower and reading the answer on the stem.
"V" is for vest. Using a similar method, as for the vase, create a vest to illustrate a letter of the alphabet. For a self-checking device, cut open the vest. Staple the halves to a backing the same size. Write the answer on the "shirt."
Turn the shape upside down and color the face of a bearded man with a turban.
Create a royal crown. Use the badge die to make a red or purple backing. Parts of the snowflake (AccuCut S1603L) can make the crown. Add some gems and an ermine border.
From a large sheet of foam or felt (12x18), cut two strips 2x18 inches and two badges. One strip connects the two badges around the edges, spacing them apart for a roomy interior. The other strip becomes the handle. Sew together with contrasting yarn. Decorate with a die cut of your choice, for instance the leftover pieces from the Iris stencil (AccuCut I1065L). This purse has not been tested for durability. While it is big enough to hold a book, the foam may tear at the sewing, if the book it heavy.
Last update on August 3, 2015